To All Expectant and Nursing Moms (And my running BFF series!)

August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month! Truthfully, I was not able to breastfeed for very long.  I breastfed the Princess for four months, and then the Baby Ball until he was a little over a year old. And certainly for me, I broke down more times than I kept track of.  But, you know those “mom” moments?  Those very special and powerful moments, those moments when you feel your heart just bursting with love when you realize you would do anything and everything in your power to keep your child safe? I got a lot of those when I looked down at my nursing baby. Continue reading “To All Expectant and Nursing Moms (And my running BFF series!)”

12 Months of Chocolate Cake

When I was pregnant with the Princess and then with the Baby Ball, I was deprived of consuming what I consider a “reasonable” portion of dessert.  Aside from the guideline that pregnant women should still watch their weight, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in both pregnancies (boo.). So, when I was finally cleared of diabetes after giving birth, I did what any chocoholic would do: I celebrated with twelve months of chocolate cake! Continue reading “12 Months of Chocolate Cake”

Molito in Alabang: Great Family Weekend Haunt

Molito Complex (or Molito Lifestyle Mall)
Madrigal Avenue cor. Commerce Avenue
Alabang, Muntinlupa City

One of the spaces we usually go to is the Molito Complex (or simply, “Molito”) in Alabang. Our family doctors hold hours at a clinic here, which make it not only a convenient but a regular family destination. Continue reading “Molito in Alabang: Great Family Weekend Haunt”

Ramen Yushuken in Molito Complex, Alabang

Ramen Yushuken
Molito Complex,  Madrigal Avenue, Muntinlupa City
Tel: (2) 808-7424

I am no big ramen eater, and truthfully, eating at ramen houses is a challenge with two little kids in tow.  So I resisted hopping onto the ramen bandwagon that started to sweep through Manila a few years ago. But when I did hop on, and I realized I was always finding reasons to eat at Yushuken, I knew I was hooked. Continue reading “Ramen Yushuken in Molito Complex, Alabang”

The Catherine’s Cakes and Pies Sampler Box

Aside from that delightful apple pie, Catherine’s Cakes and Pies also has other goodies. After being a regular consumer of their apple pie, I thought it was high time we tried their sampler box with their other bestsellers. Continue reading “The Catherine’s Cakes and Pies Sampler Box”

Afternoon Tea at Makati Shangrila

Makati Shangrila
Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue, Makati City
T:(63 2) 813 8888

One thing I really wanted to do with my little Princess was to try a REAL afternoon tea. I don’t know about you, but I still remember having those little plastic tea sets when I was a little girl. Continue reading “Afternoon Tea at Makati Shangrila”