When you know you’re a Parent


Image from fineartamerica.com

I had a somewhat unusual self-revelation while watching the auditions of American Idol.  I realized that you know you’re a parent when your dreams and ambitions take the backseat, and you find yourself instead devoted to enabling your children to achieve theirs.

There was a time in my life when I wanted to achieve so many things: recognition, satisfaction in my financial capabilities, travel, milestones at work, confidence in the clothes knew I could pull off, diversity in the tasks I could accomplish, joy in the friends and acquaintances I make along the way of life.  Now.. Well I guess I still want these things, to some extent. But really, they come only second (or third, or fourth) to helping my children achieve all these and more for themselves.

I saw the parents of the American Idol hopefuls: nervously biting nails and fidgeting, not knowing whether to smile or cry while waiting for their child to step out of the judges’ chamber.  I saw the emotions on their faces: anxiously dreading whether whooping congratulations are in order, or instead words of affirmation and support that this was just not a good day.

And I thought to myself, “Shucks, malamang I’d be exactly like those parents if it were my Princess.”

But of course, I’d then realize… I should be ready with my baseball bat in case anyone needed a little more convincing. 🙂

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