Cookierrific’s Dessert Buffet


I’ve always had a sweet tooth, and when I chanced upon Cookierrific’s facebook page via the GirlTalk forum, I was immediately excited at the thought of having a dessert buffet at the Baby Ball’s baptism reception in 2014. Not a candy buffet, mind you, but a dessert buffet with delish cookies and cakes!

I emailed Mitz (the owner), and she was patient in answering my queries and addressing my ka-OC-han. She offered to send me a sampler box before I made my final choices.  Super sarap her cookies!  I asked her for a light blue and green theme for the Baptism, and I just loved her setup! Let me show you:

We had:
1. chocolate chip cookies (hands down favorite, ubos agad!)
2. cakepops (with thank-you tags. Super siksik and moist!)
3. milk&cheese cupcakes with cheese buttercream frosting (sweet and salty) and chocolate cupcakes
4. oatmeal cinnamon raisin cookies (the cinnamon gave it a nice spice)
5. oreo cheesecake cookies (good, but tasted better when refrigerated)
6. butterscotch bars

At the Baby Ball’s first birthday in 2015, we got Cookierrific again for the dessert buffet! The theme was The Very Hungry Caterpillar naman this time:


We had:
1. chocolate chip cookies (again, hands-down fave!)
2. cakepops (which also were the give-aways with thank-you tags)
3. chocolate cupcakes
4. oatmeal cinnamon raisin cookies
5. s’mores cookies
6. special cookie cups with maltesers, reese’s peanut butter cups, and hersheys toppings (di ko na naabutan..wipeout!)

Always much raved about by my friends and family! Everyone had their favorites. Plus, you can see naman that she doesn’t scrimp on materials when dressing up her table. And my family can attest that her treats don’t scrimp on taste! Very highly recommended!

Tips when booking this supplier:

  1. You may want to request for a sampler box before deciding on your choices.
  2. I requested that paper cups instead of paper bags be used, since I wanted to encourage the guests to linger over dessert and coffee. You may request for paper bags if these are meant to be taken home.
  3. Send Mitz your pegs, or better yet, your event invite. She really does a great job of being consistent to the theme.
  4. Order a box to take home. YOU WANT TO BE ABLE TO TAKE SOME HOME, believe me.

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