Santuario de San Antonio (SSA) Function Hall

Santuario de San Antonio (SSA) Funtion Hall
3117 McKinley Rd., Forbes Park, Makati City
Telephone: (632) 843-8830 to 31
*note: this is a backpost from 2014

The hubby was adamant that the venue of the refreshments after Baby Ball’s baptism should be as close as possible to the ceremony venue, so we naturally had the parish center’s function halls as our first choice. This is also where we had our Princess’ baptism reception in 2010.

The Princess with my dad, walking to the reception venue

However, I hesitated when I found out the fees we’d have to pay this time around. Here’s a breakdown:

Hall rental: 7,500 (this was 3,500 in 2010)
Caterer’s fee: 2,000 (non-existent in 2010)
Refundable security bond: 10,000

That’s shelling out almost 20k just for the venue! You’ll need to pay 50% of everything to reserve. The balance plus the caterer’s info sheet need to be submitted two weeks before your event. The increase in fees was attributed to their halls being newly renovated (note: this was in 2014). Well, they do look a lot nicer now than in 2010. But ang mahal! (cheapskate me hehe) We booked one hall lang since we were keeping the guestlist to less than 60 people.

Plus, ang daming restrictions!  SSA also has a two-page policy on events held at the social hall, and a required caterer’s info sheet which should detail your caterer’s contact info, names of the waitstaff for your event,  ingress and egress times, and your signature signifying your agreement to comply with the rules and regulations (#strict!).

Regarding decorations, you basically cannot attach anything to the walls and ceilings, and all decor must be free-standing. Nyak. Buti nalang baptism ito, and I’m shooting for a simply-dressed reception lang. I’m definitely not eyeing this venue for more festive celebrations like birthday parties where I might like lots of balloons and other ceiling decor.

all decor was only mounted on the tables

Tapos, they only allowed us to open the a/c 30minutes before the start of our function. Though mabilis naman lumamig, ang init lang talaga when we went to check the reception venue before we went to the church.  Then since there was another function in the hall next to ours, we could hear the other event whenever we turned off the background music we were playing.

On the upside:
(1) As I mentioned, they have four newly-renovated (referencing from 2010) halls. The halls have high ceilings which make it more maaliwalas. The halls with the French Doors also have adequate light coming in.

the high ceiling made it feel roomier

(2) They already have a built-in sound system where you can just plug in your devices like iPods, smartphones or projectors for those AVP’s and playlists.

(3) They have a widescreen available for use, just make sure you reserve it for your event. Or, if this is not available, you can always just project on the white walls of the hall.
(4) Four split-type aircon units (again, fairly new) per hall which made for just the right temperature.
(5) The halls are lit using yellow lights instead of white, making the atmosphere more “festive” than meeting-type.
(6) They have a wheelchair ramp going to the second floor. This is a must for every family who have either senior citizens or children in strollers.

Tips when booking this supplier:
(1) Reserve early! The social halls get booked pretty fast.
(2) Make sure your caterer is aware of the venue restrictions. It will be more worry-free to get a caterer who has already catered here before (and wasn’t blacklisted!).
(3) Get the halls with the French doors as it will provide better lighting. The last one has the stage, but no French door as your entrance.
(4) Best to bring your music/playlist, even if it’s in your phone lang. You can plug it in anyway.
(5) If you’re using the sound system, do an ocular to know which cables and outlets you’ll need.
(6) Come early on the day as well to check if what you need’s set up already, and so you can remind them what time to turn on the a/c.

6 thoughts on “Santuario de San Antonio (SSA) Function Hall”

    1. Hi Jen! Thanks for posting.

      The press release of the SSA office is that each hall can accommodate 80 pax each, so if you don’t need additional set up for the party and eating lang talaga, I guess kahit 2 halls will be enough. Pero if you’ll need space for a stage for the program, for games, a photobooth, or a dessert buffet, baka sikip yung two halls. Best parin to do an ocular para you can gauge the setup you want. Hope this helps!


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