A Birthing Story at Asian Hospital

I wrote this in 2014, a few months after giving birth to the Baby Ball at Asian Hospital and Medical Center.  Warning: super long post!

Since I’d been diagnosed with a too-small pelvic bone opening (this from my first birthing experience) and then again with gestational diabetes, my OB-Gyne scheduled me for a cesarean section right after my 38th week mark.  Truth be told, I wanted to have it earlier because I already felt so big and I truly believed my son was already ready to come out. But my OB-Gyne recommended that we do it after 38th week mark, just to be more comfortable that my baby’s lungs were already developed and ready for life outside the womb. Of course we wanted him to be as safe and healthy as possible before we welcomed him, so we checked in at Asian Hospital on Easter Sunday, and our Easter Baby Boy was born.

Choosing to give birth at Asian Hospital was an easy decision, albeit not a very cheap one.  This is also where I gave birth via emergency CS to our beautiful Princess a few years ago, and the hubby and I were very satisfied with their service.  Plus, we were already familiar with the facilities and procedures.  So even if we had to dig deep into our resources, Asian Hospital was our choice for our Baby Ball’s birth. The people at Asian take care of even the little things you’d rather not be bothered with when you’re going through whatever it is you’re going through.


taken from Asian Hospital and Medical Center’s website

My c-section was scheduled for 7pm.  As instructed by my OB, we checked in at 11am at the Admissions department on the upper ground floor. It was a Sunday, and a holiday at that, so there were hardly any people. The girl at Admissions asked for my name, pulled up my record on the computer, asked for the admitting orders from my OB, put on my patient’s bracelet, then promptly endorsed us to someone who showed us to our room.

I had to fast from 1pm until the surgery, so after checking into the room and promising the nurse I’d be back by 1pm, we went to Pancake House on the lower ground floor for lunch. I wanted a hearty and no-holds-barred lunch since I knew I’d have to be on a liquid diet after the surgery, so I even ordered dessert!

spending time with the Princess before surgery
bawal mag-judge!
After lunch, my in-laws picked up the little Princess so I could prepare.  Hubby’s entire family was checked in at the nearby Acacia Hotel for the Easter weekend, so we decided that it would be better that our little girl stay there with her cousins rather than she wait for us at home.

Back in the room, they checked my blood sugar, put the dextrose on me for the meds I needed (ewww.. takot talaga ako sa needles!), then we just waited for 6pm to arrive so they can bring me to the Triage (waiting room for moms about to give birth) and then Genesis (Asian’s birthing center).

I remember there were several times before the surgery that I was interviewed for personal info and medical history (allergies, last menstrual period, previous hospitalizations, etc):

1) by the admissions officer when we checked in
2) by the nurse when she checked my blood sugar in the room
3) by the doctor who would assist the anesthesiologist
4) by the doctor who would assist my OB-Gyne
5) by the nurse when they were prep’ing me for surgery in the Triage

I should’ve remembered to make printouts of my medical history so I wouldn’t have to repeatedly answer the interview questions (I did this a few years ago when I gave birth to my daughter). Ang hirap din kaya magconcentrate sa questions when you’re nervous about surgery, noh!  Then my OB was there na in her scrub suit, and that’s when I really started to get anxious. I was going into surgery!  Ulp.

Getting wheeled from the room to the Triage. My mother and grandmother dropped by to encourage and reassure me. They knew I’d be anxious before surgery.
inside the Triage
That’s my bed behind the curtain
The hubby in his scrub suit. They let him wait with me in the Triage before I needed to go into the OR.
From the Triage, I said goodbye to my husband and was wheeled in by the nurses to the Operating Room. It was time.  The nurses were trying to put me at ease. They said I was lucky: I was the only c-section scheduled that day so they would all be there full-force and nakatutok sila sa’kin.  Kasi naman, I thought to myself, most moms are probably enjoying big Easter meals and egg-hunts today. But I was thankful.

When we entered the operating room, I heard music being played, and this was what instantly came to mind: Ha? Joke ba ‘to? Eh kasi ba naman, the song was “Dubidoo Bidoo, Bidoo Bidoo…. Eto na, eto na, eto na…wahhhh!!”  I blurted to the nurses, “Ah, miss, pwede ba palitan ang playlist? Hindi ako narerelax!” Comedy talaga.

So, they transferred me to the operating table from the stretcher.  That operating table sure is narrow, isn’t it? Or, ang laki ko lang siguro talaga.  Anyway, my doctors came and they introduced themselves to me. I was injected at the back, at the spinal cord with anesthesia, much like how an epidural is done. Hate na hate ko talaga ang mga needles na yan. My doctors noticed I was agitated and given my condition, a mild sedative to calm me down was added to my dextrose. This was explained to me by the anesthesiologist.  My kids’ pedia was also there by this time.

Hubby watching from outside the OR
Unlike my first birthing where I started off in labor for a normal delivery which ended in an emergency CS after 16 hours (yes, 16 hours of labor..with roughly 2 hours of pushing without anesthesia!), I was awake this time for the CS (albeit a bit drowsy).  The anesthesia only affected my lower body.  I didn’t feel the cut but I felt my insides being pushed around.  I was in a semi-dream state the whole time, but I was already wondering why it was taking a while before my son was delivered. I remember it was the anesthesiologist who was reassuringly at my side since the other doctors were below the curtain.

Then finally, I heard it! I heard my son crying! I felt like crying too.. in relief, happiness, and exhaustion.  Then my husband was there, and our picture was taken with our beautiful healthy baby. The nurses immediately latched my Baby Ball unto my breast.  It was painful, but it was as I expected that first latch to be.

What a screamer. Preview of things to come 🙂 
After breastfeeding, they proceeded to stitch me back up. I noticed matagal nanaman and then I started to feel nauseous, so I told the anesthesiologist and he gave me something which made me drowsier.  I closed my eyes to rest but didn’t fall asleep.  I heard my OB-Gyne saying something to the other doctors, and though I trust her completely, I couldn’t understand what she was saying.  Then the anesthesiologist said something to me which sounded like, “Sandali nalang ha, nahihirapan sila kasi na-buhol eh.” Oh my Lord, ano kaya ibig sabihin nun… I felt so tired and I couldn’t speak, so I closed my eyes again.

The Super Friends hard at work
I later learned that I had a distended uterus from my first c-section recovery, and that the layers of skin were somehow stuck together from how it healed.  I read somewhere that this is common in CS moms.  Kaya pala mas matagal yung surgery ko this time compared to my first CS.

After what seemed like an eternity, it was over and I was brought to the recovery room. I got to see my baby boy and hubby again there, and baby was able to latch again. Then he had to be taken to the Neonatal Care unit as a precautionary measure to monitor his sugar awhile, since I had gestational diabetes.  I’m not sure how long I stayed in the recovery room, but it wasn’t long.

a healthy newborn at 7lbs 11oz, 38 weeks
Thank God I didn’t have chills right after this CS.   I remember I had terrible, bed-shaking chills after my CS with my baby girl. Thank God the operation was successful and my baby boy was alright and healthy. Thank God there were no complications with my sugar levels or blood pressure.  Thank God I was able to latch my baby right away.  Thank God for my best-friend-turned-hubby who took care of me in every way.  Thank God for our families who are always supportive, always praying and encouraging, and who were there waiting to welcome the Baby Ball into this world. Thank God for my Super Friends of a medical team. I am truly blessed!

As I was being wheeled to my room, I braced myself for the long and painful road to recovery. But that’s another story. 🙂

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