DIY Cake and Cupcake Toppers

Here’s how I make simple and affordable cake and cupcake toppers which look good on my dessert table.

This one is a very simple cupcake tower for a thanksgiving lunch at home. I just used the cardboard cupcake tower I already had and decorated it with green ribbon, then bought green cupcake wrappers at a party store to match. My go-to store for affordable but yummy cupcakes for my towers has always been Cielin’s Cakehouse.  More on that in a separate post here.



It’s surprising, but this white cardboard cupcake stand was used in about three birthday parties, two baptisms, and one baby shower! Sulit! This stand came with the cake/cupcake package from the Princess’ 1st Birthday (that’d be from 4 years prior to this pic), so I didn’t even have to buy it separately. I just change the ribbon to match the color theme of the party.

For the Baby Ball’s last birthday, I decided I wanted to invest in a new cupcake stand so I bought a 3-tier one at a nearby baking supplies store for Php250. They only had a silver one at the time, but I like that its glossy appearance seems to resist food stains more.

The birthday theme was sports balls (a no-brainer since he loves these), so I just searched the web for printable cupcake toppers with that theme. I wanted a colorful display so I made sure to get different colors.  Some of them I labeled with his name. I made the cupcake toppers to measure 1.56″ height x 1.56” width when I pasted them in Microsoft Word, and printed them on Vellum Board paper I bought at National Bookstore. I just used ordinary scotch tape to tape them onto toothpicks.

For the cake bunting, I again searched online for free printable cake buntings which came in different colors. I pasted these in Microsoft Word and labeled them with the letters of his name in white. (Note: Images modified to exclude name).  The buntings measured 2.83”height  x 1.14” width, which I also printed on Vellum Board paper. Then I folded them in half and glued the two sides together over some thin yarn, and tied this to wooden chopsticks.

This was what the dessert table at the restaurant looked like. I brought the themed paper napkins at a party supplies store. Dessert stands were owned by the restaurant.
closer look of the cupcake stand. still the same cupcake wrappers.. maraming natira eh 🙂


I’m glad I asked the store to ice the chocolate cake in white. It looks better with the toppers and bunting.

Pwede na, diba? I loved how this turned out! It was fun and festive without being over the top for a small family thanksgiving.  I didn’t have to order an expensive cake or cupcakes, and everyone enjoyed trying the different cupcake flavors. Yun lang, be ready that people will get more than one cupcake kasi tempting talaga mag-sample!

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