Cielin’s Cakehouse

Cielin’s Cakehouse
Fruition Building, J. Cabarrus St, BF Homes, Parañaque
Tel: +63(2)7721650 / +639771678018

Did I mention I have a sweet tooth? Desserts are always a big thing for me, and I favor serving cakes and cookies over candies and fruit platters.  One challenge here is desserts can be expensive. So when there are more than a handful of guests, I have to carefully consider what sweet treats won’t break my budget and satisfy everyone’s dessert craving at the same time. Enter Cielin’s Cakehouse.

Ceilin's Cakehouse Store
taken from Cielin’s Cakehouse facebook
The very first product of Cielin’s that I discovered was their Walnut Pie at the Shell Magallanes gas station so many years ago. Getting gas there was a good excuse to get a pie! My hubby was originally from the North, so I thought of bringing a Cielin’s walnut pie to one of his family gatherings so they could try it.  The pie was an instant success and also easily became one of his favorite sweet indulgences.

walnut pie
taken from Cielin’s Cakehouse facebook
And then a few years later, lo and behold, I discovered that the Cielin’s Cakehouse headquarters is in BF Homes, Parañaque! It’s right across the side of the Parish of the Resurrection in Phase 1, and about a block away from the famous Ruins (now called the Good Shepherd Bazaar).

While that big, chunky walnut pie is still very dear to me, I now find myself buying their cupcakes more often for the following reasons:

  1. First, because each member of my family (and it’s a big extended one!) has their own favorite cupcake flavor.
  2. Second, because their cupcakes are yummy, affordable, and a treat for the eyes as well. They have become a familiar sight on my dessert table at family celebrations and thanksgivings.
  3. And lastly, because age and genetics dictate that I can no longer consume one whole pie for myself in one sitting. I have resigned myself to the fact that I need to regulate my sweets through consuming smaller servings (note that’s still a plural, though).

assorted cupcakes
photo of assorted cupcakes, taken from Cielin’s Cakehouse facebook
Here’s a rundown of our favorite cupcake flavors:

  • Mangoes n’ Cream – the Princess and the hubby both like the mango filling in the cupcake and the not-too-sweet cream on top.
  • Mocha- another one of hubby’s likes with a distinct mocha flavor and mocha shavings.
  • Strawberry- the Princess’ favorite with the pink frosting and strawberry-flavored filling.
  • Banana Carrot and Banana Chocolate Chip- the preference of the grandmas and grandpas, not too sweet and without frosting (and less than Php20 apiece pa, o diba?)
  • Chocolate – the kids (and some adults) attack this first, always.
  • Toffee Nut- sweet and crunchy toffee nut topping. The fave of my niece, and my fave too!
  • Carrot- carrot shavings evident and almost always my second cupcake since it seems less evil (Eh kala ko ba a carrot is a vegetable?!)
the Baby Ball enjoying his chocolate cupcake

Ceilin's Cakehouse Pricelist 2015
Cielin’s Cakehouse Pricelist as of early 2016
One thing to note about Cielin’s cupcakes is the cake itself is very light and fluffy (think chiffon cake), and the frosting is light and creamy (think whipped cream) so you will often really reach for another one.

They also have a savory “cupcake”, which is chicken pie. It’s listed under “cupcakes” in their pricelist and is also a favorite pasalubong and baon of ours.

chicken pie
taken from Cielin’s Cakehouse facebook
Cielin’s has several cake, cookies, bars, and bread varieties. Aside from the cupcakes, we’ve only tried the walnut pie and chocolate cake. I love the walnut pie, but the chocolate cake is just so-so for me.  The icing is not too sweet and not really very thick, so I’d rather get a more indulgent chocolate cake if I’m craving for it. But the cupcakes… ah, the cupcakes! I see myself making many more dessert towers with Cielin’s cupcakes as a mainstay.

cake and cupcakes ordered from Cielin’s Cakehouse

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