Catherine’s Cakes and Pies: Delightful Apple Pie

Catherine’s Cakes and Pies
Piccadilly St. Hillsborough, Muntinlupa City
Tel: (02) 275 2615

I’ve always been eager to discover where I could source my perfect apple pie for those days when, well, you just gotta have apple pie. I did a web search for the “best apple pie in manila”, and one of the top results was Catherine’s Cakes and Pies.  I researched some more and discovered that Catherine’s was southside… and they deliver!

So have you ever wondered why some apple pies have crumbly toppings and some don’t?  From what I gathered, what we usually term as American apple pie typically has a topping similar to that of the crust, which can be lattice-style, flat and flaky.  Then, what we mostly term as French (or Dutch) apple pie has a distinct cinnamon flavor and a streusel topping. I’ve tried many a slice of apple pie, and I’ve concluded that I prefer the French Apple Pie variant, hugely because I love the streusel topping.

how to make apple pie from
Sample of what an american-style apple pie looks like. Topping is similar to the crust. Photo taken from
catherine's french-style applie pie
Sample of what a french-type apple pie looks like. Note that crumbly topping. Photo taken from Catherine’s facebook.
From Catherine’s facebook post: Sweet chunks of cinnamon-flavored apples with luscious caramel sauce on a flaky crust, finished with a crumbly streusel topping with crunchy walnuts! Best served warm with a scoop of French Vanilla Ice Cream!

Firm, fresh, and never soggy apple slices.
Moist and chunky filling.
Lovely, crumbly, walnut-y streusel topping.

This is my apple pie! That description just really sums it up right there. I don’t order too often because really, this is a pie for those days when you deserve a special treat.   And it’s such a joy that they deliver, too!  Mr. Chito Benito himself acknowledges my text orders, and always greets me with a cheery “It’s great to hear from you again, Ma’am! What would you like?”.

And since writing this post made me crave for a Delightful Catherine’s apple pie, look what I had delivered today…

No drooling, please. Now if I only had ice-cream and caramel sauce with me..I do love a good caramel ala mode!

If you enjoy a good apple pie, please try Catherine’s version. Then tell me that you closed your eyes at that first forkful. 🙂

Update: We also tried their sampler box. You may find the post here.



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