Afternoon Tea at Makati Shangrila

Makati Shangrila
Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue, Makati City
T:(63 2) 813 8888

One thing I really wanted to do with my little Princess was to try a REAL afternoon tea. I don’t know about you, but I still remember having those little plastic tea sets when I was a little girl. I would make leaf sandwiches and mud pies (real mud yan ha!), and I would ask force my brothers and cousin to play tea party with me.  When my daughter was a little younger, we had our own tea party at home with dewberry cookies, stick-O’s, milk, juice and other store-bought sweet treats.



Afternoon tea was first introduced in England by Anna, the seventh Dutches of Bedford in the year 1840. The Dutchess would become hungry around 4 o’clock in the afternoon. The evening meal in her house was served fashionably late, around 8 o’clock, thus leaving a long period of time between lunch and dinner.( Image taken from
Before her summer break was over, she said she wanted to have a tea party.  I of course had a bright idea (Hubby, wag aangal!) and researched on where we could both experience our first *real* afternoon tea on our next mother-daughter adventure. I asked one of my long-time friends if she and her daughter wanted to join us (our daughters are also friends), and they did! Hooray! Instant tea party and bonding time for the mommies and their Princesses!

Based mainly on online reviews and its proximity to the malls, we decided to splurge and go to Makati Shangrila for our first-ever mother-daughter afternoon tea party experience.

The little girls excitedly walking hand-in-hand to the Lobby Lounge.
The Princesses wanted to be seated right in front of the musicians, and wow, the four of us really did enjoy their repertoire! Very hip and relaxing at the same time.  I hope this group is a mainstay at the Shang in the afternoons.


After the girls changed into their dresses (yes, kumpleto sa props ang kiddos!), we were shown the menus.  We were in luck! That week, aside from their regular afternoon tea sets, Makati Shangrila was offering a special British Afternoon Tea Set!


For Php850 (taxes and service charge included), the British Afternoon Tea Set came with four kinds of savory sandwiches and four kinds of sweet treats, including this truly decadent after eight mint chocolate cup! There were also plain scones and raisin scones served with homemade strawberry jam, clotted cream and (my personal favorite) tangy lemon curd. They serve two of each kind so it really is a set good for two.  The little girls actually had a lot to take home to the daddies!

two sets of the British Afternoon Tea tower treats
Each set also comes with a pot of fresh Twinings tea. Since this was a seasonal set, we were given seasonal choices of tea from their Large Leaf Discovery Collection catalogue. I chose the Golden Caramel Rooibos while my friend chose a variation of the Green Tea.

This is just for the picture. The girls had milkshakes. 🙂

O diba, with pinky finger out pa!
We enjoyed our afternoon tea experience at Makati Shangrila’s Lobby Lounge very much. It was just the right ambiance of relaxation and elegance without the air of being pretentious. There were several business meetings going on at some of the other tables, some were friends getting together, and there was another table with a mom and her little girl having their own tea party too!  And the best part is, we were able to talk, laugh, play (the girls even ran around a bit but the guests didn’t seem to mind a bit of ruckus), and just spend time together. The little Princesses were happy. The mommies were happy. It was Php850 well spent in my book.

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