The Catherine’s Cakes and Pies Sampler Box

Aside from that delightful apple pie, Catherine’s Cakes and Pies also has other goodies. After being a regular consumer of their apple pie, I thought it was high time we tried their sampler box with their other bestsellers.

A 7″ apple pie on the left, the sampler box on the right. Their packaging comes in homey green and brown.
A sampler box contains Catherine’s bestsellers in 3″ sizes – apple pie, blueberry cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake and walnut pie.

unboxing the sampler box closer look
Unboxing the Catherine’s Sampler Box
My husband tried his hand at food photography, with the Princess expectantly waiting assisting.

chocolate cheesecake2
Chocolate Cheesecake: Rich Belgian chocolate blended into cheesecake with crispy Oreo crust, topped with chocolate and cherry brandy ganache.
walnut pie2
Walnut Pie: Lots of walnuts in a moist caramel filling with a hint of liqueur, topped with cheddar cheese.
blueberry cheesecake2
Blueberry Cheesecake: Creamy graham-crusted cheesecake topped with royal blueberry filling and quezo de bola shavings.
apple pie2
And I already wrote about their apple pie here.
So what do my tastebuds have to say about this sampler?

The chocolate cheesecake is decadent, rich without being overpowering, and the cherry brandy ganache gives it a special twist. It’s the kind of taste that lingers on your tongue just a bit, without being nakakaumay.  But it is rich, so I can only manage a few forkfuls before saving the rest for another moment of weakness a little later in the day.  My daughter disagrees with me though, as she claims she can finish the whole 3” thing in one sitting.  Sorry anak, you have to share with me!

 Next on my list would be the walnut pie. It has caramel, c’mon! If not for that decadent chocolate cheesecake, anything with caramel would come in second. And adding the cheese shavings on top is a nice twist to a classic walnut pie. Hats off for thinking of that!

Last up would be the blueberry cheesecake.  Those quezo de bola shavings give this blueberry cheesecake distinction over other ones, with the salty quezo de bola providing a nice contrast to the sweet blueberries. This would probably be the top choice of those who don’t care much for caramel and chocolate.

So.. craving satisfied!  We had the contents of this box for afternoon merienda and whatever was left for dessert after dinner. Our verdict? The all-time family champion in this box is (still) the apple pie, with the chocolate cheesecake coming in a close second.

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