Molito in Alabang: Great Family Weekend Haunt

Molito Complex (or Molito Lifestyle Mall)
Madrigal Avenue cor. Commerce Avenue
Alabang, Muntinlupa City

One of the spaces we usually go to is the Molito Complex (or simply, “Molito”) in Alabang. Our family doctors hold hours at a clinic here, which make it not only a convenient but a regular family destination.

I guess it would typically be seen as a bother to have to go to doctors appointments on weekends, but here are some of the reasons why we can look forward to spending a few hours in Molito after a visit to the clinic:

Molitos grassy and fountain areas

Molito is made up of about four buildings (with a new wing opening soon!) which house fastfood restos, coffee shops, casual dining restaurants, banks, salons, a gym, a dance studio, a grocery, a convenience store, a few retail outlets, auto shops, specialty shops, service centers, even a clinic. It has a laid-back, relaxed vibe as compared to the sometimes hectic and crowded feel of indoor malls. The foodies have a lot to explore here! My current ramen rave Yushuken (see post here) is housed in Molito as well.


no.1 b
Area fronting the open parking lots

The kids enjoy its wide open spaces, well-kept grass and water fountains.

The kids still unsure if they want to run through the fountains today
no.2 b
I guess the Princess does
no.3 c
This taken a few years ago. The Princess playing with the grass one night. Note the garden lights and the musicians on the stage in the background.
no.3 b
The Baby Ball exploring a bench one afternoon. He can’t figure out how to get his shoe back.


While the kids are enjoying themselves exploring the spaces, we can watch over them from wooden benches and patio sets complete with garden umbrellas. Now I think this is a unique and refreshing feature of Molito. In late afternoons, you can see friends, families and couples talking and comfortably spending time together without having to sit on the grass or steps. No pressure to order from the surrounding restaurants either.

Wooden benches and patio sets. 


Molito usually has live music playing on weekend nights, and the groups vary so it’s also interesting to see who’s playing. In my experience, the music is always kid-friendly, so no fear for the mommas with young kids. They also occasionally have other events lined up in their activity spaces.

no.4 vio
The Baby Ball exploring the stage on a hot afternoon
The Princess exploring the same stage her way one night a few years ago.

It’s also a big convenience that they have a big Puregold if I need to do a quick grocery run after taking the kids out.

Puregold @ Molito Alabang

There are no shopping outlets here for me, to the relief of my hubby.  BUT! I can always walk over to Alabang Town Center for shopping errands, which just means crossing the street.  Molito is actually an alternative parking site for us if parking is too crowded in ATC. I don’t have photos now, but Molito has both open and covered parking spaces.

AND! There’s a new wing opening soon! We’re excited to see the new things our weekend haunt has to offer the family. Baka may ma-shoppingan na ako!no.7

A new wing opening soon!
So, that’s a rundown of the things we like about Molito in Alabang. It’s a nice way to spend a few hours of family time. A day here means the kids can look forward to being let lose to run around in the fountains, and the parents can look forward to maybe taking turns running after them in-between sips of brew on a bench.  Just remember to bring a change of clothes and shoes for your kids if you let them play with the water!


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