The My Little Pony Magic of Friendship Exhibit at Alabang Town Center

Alabang Town Center has events or exhibits lined up in its Activity Center most weekends, and when a cousin told me about the My Little Pony exhibit, I knew the Princess would want to see what they had in store.

So for the two weekends it was on, the Princess was bent on checking it out. She had a lot of fun looking at the displays of the giant ponies, watching some My Little Pony clips on the widescreen, and coloring with the other kids.

The My Little Pony Magic of Friendship Exhibit at the Activity Center of Alabang Town Center

The activity area of the exhibit. The kids could color and watch My Little Pony clips.

Looking at the life-size ponies
Yun lang, as this was an event of Toys R’ Us, there was of course lots on sale for little girls.  The Princess spent a lot of time at the rows of toys, accessories, games, and other My Little Pony merchandise that was available for purchase right beside the exhibit area.  On the first weekend, her father got her something.  On the second weekend, my uncle got another something for her and for her cousin, too. Nakuha sa charms ng mga munting princesa.

The Princess in twinning outfits with her cousin, and coloring up a storm in the activity area.
(On sidebar: Ang dami narin palang nagbago sa My Little Pony, no?  The animation of course is expected to be updated, but even the story titles, songs, the storyline, and the ponies and other characters have evolved.  And there are even My Little Pony Equestria Girls na now! Hay. Ang tanders ko na talaga.)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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