BFF 3: Lactation Treats!

Good news to all nursing moms!  If you didn’t already know, there are actually yummy and guilt-free treats that can help boost your breastmilk production!  And when I say treats, I mean desserts! Horray! Let me share some of my staples when I was breastfeeding, which didn’t only boost my supply but served as my motivation and reward as well!

When I was breastfeeding the Princess, I was not able to take advantage of lactation treats simply because I didn’t know such things existed. I went with the usual monggo, malunggay, halaan soup, tinola, or really any soup. Of course this comes with increasing water intake and trying to follow the recommended food to consume and avoid.

The second time around with the Baby Ball, I was a bit more informed and I was able to expand my horizons. I learned about galactagogues and lactation treats to boost milk production.  A galactagogue or lactogenic food is defined as a food, herb, or supplement that aids in breast milk supply or ejection.  What you’ll typically find on this list are oatmeal, fenugreek, flax seed, brewer’s yeast, and fennel seed.  The best part is, these galactagogues were made by these awesome mommies into desserts!  Yey!! I get to indulge while boosting milk supply!  I was super duper happy.

Well, you can’t go on vacation everyday, but you can have a lactation treat!


Now before you read on, exercise caution, because I know I consumed more than the recommended amounts since they were so yummy!!  So here we go, in no particular order, my faves on BFF 3: Lactation Treats!

No: +63 917 792 3432

I discovered MommyTreats by Mommy Paola via a web search.  Impressive website!  Online ordering was very easy.  The descriptions of the items were very informative, as were the FAQ’s.  And Mommy Paola has several treats and flavors in store for both nursing AND expectant moms!

MommyTreats from website
image taken from

What I like getting from MommyTreats are the Almond Ginger Super Momma cookies!  Most lactation goodies use chocolate to make them more tempting.  But the almond ginger flavor gives the cookies a subtle spicy difference. And, it says that the ginger helps with the milk letdown (I didn’t really notice). For expectant moms, these cookies promise to help ease the nausea.  Aside from Chia Seeds & Flaxseeds which are galactagogues, the treats are also sources of Omega-3, Fiber, Calcium, Vitamin C, Phosporus, Magnesium, Protein, and Antioxidants!

The website will guide you through the order forms so it’s very convenient.  Another plus is you can make your own account, to save you the hassle of inputting your personal and delivery information every time you make an order.

They also have a cash on delivery option for Metro Manila deliveries! I really don’t mind the fee for COD as it saves me the hassle of looking for someone to run over to the bank to make a deposit.  They also have options to personalize your order if you have allergies or other preferences, though wasn’t able to try a customized order.  Each recommended daily serving has a maximum of 150 calories, whatever flavor. I don’t really count calories, but this fact right here made me feel less guilty about binge-ing on cookies. 🙂

No: 0917 322 0926

MamaChows by Mommy Raquel was introduced to me by one of my sisters-in-law, who very thoughtfully sent me a box after I gave birth.  I was hooked on her delicious mini cheese cupcakes and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!  The MamaChow’s facebook page is also very informative as well as inspiring.  Mommy Raquel and her husband are both culinary aficionados. Mommy Raquel also has lots of inspiring stories she shares in the MamaChows facebook account about her own breastfeeding journeys.  She has twins, so she tandem feeds! Idol!

image from MamaChow’s facebook

It’s been a practice of mine to order a sampler box (combination of three flavors) of MamaChows for some close friends who start breastfeeding, and they always say how yummy the treats are.  I usually order via text, and then also receive a text confirmation of the total order amount. I pay via bank deposit and send the deposit slip via email so they can ship the order.  I think they also have COD but I didn’t try that.

Mommy Munchies (@MomsiesPH)

Oh, Mommy Kat makes the most delicious banana chocolate chip oatmeal muffins!  Mommy Kat is a busy working mom, but it’s good that she’s also from the south.  She delivers to our house and allows COD.

image from MomsiesPH facebook

She also has other lactation treats, but those muffins!  From the write-up on their facebook: The addition of choco chips is like icing on the cake–rich in protein, fiber, potassium, and galactagogues, one serving of this muffin can satisfy both your cravings and your baby’s nutritional needs.

Oh my. Heat them up a little and you’ll see the choco chips melting a bit into that moist banana oatmeal muffin. I’m telling you, this is the lactation treat at everyone at home (yes, even the guys) wanted to get a share of.

No: 0917 442 2531

Mommy Rika’s Lactation Revel Bars – Absolutely gooey and chocolatey! I remember thinking to always pace myself when eating these kasi parang I won’t lose the baby weight!  Really, they’re that rich and decadent.  I read she has a new product now, salted caramel lactation cupcakes. Oohhh myy.

image from MommyBakesPH facebook

Mommy Rika is from Cavite. She delivers but also does meetups. We met in Alabang Town Center and I paid COD. I just texted my orders and we set up when and where to meet.

There you have it, the BFF (Breastfeeding Find, more on that here) on my favorite lactation treats!  What I usually do is order a week’s supply from one supplier, then order from another for the following week. Did they really help boost my milk production?  Well, I like to think they did, but really, I did several things differently the second time around so I can’t say for sure. But these sure made my breastfeeding experience yummier!

So if you’re looking for ways to boost your milk production, indulge in some lactation treats!  Gow, now na! Because, really: you truly, truly deserve it.

Coming next is my BFF 4- Nursing Bras!


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