It’s All a Matter of Perspective

Taking a break from the BFF series to share a refreshing story my husband told me a few days ago.

At one of our visits to Asian Hospital, hubby was having a difficult time looking for a place to park.  It was hot, humid, and he was in a long waiting line to park in an open parking lot which was quite far from the hospital.  He was already stressed since my daughter and I were already waiting for him at the doctor’s clinic.

While waiting, he saw a parking attendant who was right under the heat of the sun near the entrance.  He watched as the attendant performed his routine of waiting for a car to exit the lot, and then proceeding to guide the next waiting car into the available parking space. The attendant had no umbrella, no shade, and had only a folding fan to combat the heat.  He didn’t even have anything to sit on in-between cars to guide. Hubby pitied him and thought, to himself: Kawawa naman ito, ang init init, tapos nakatayo pa sa init ng araw.  Ang hirap naman ng ginagawa niya.

So, hubby watched him as he went about his routine of guiding the cars.  When it was hubby’s turn, he commented to the attendant:

“Bilad na bilad ka na sa init ng araw ah. Kanina ka pa nakatayo dyan.” (You’ve been under the heat of the sun too long. You’ve been standing there quite a while.)

Wala rin naman akong gagawin sir, eh.  Eto, naglalakad-lakad lang ako, nakatayo lang, nagpapaypay,” he said cheerfully. (I don’t have anything else to do anyway, Sir.  Anyway, here I’m just walking around, standing around, and fanning myself).

And when hubby walked out of the parking lot, probably in a hurry to meet us and looking worried about that he took so long to park, the attendant offered him a bright smile and said, “Have a nice day sir!”

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Sometimes, it really is all a matter of perspective.

Enjoy the weekend!


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