BFF 5: Nursing Pads

Unlike my experience with the Princess, I was blessed with a good supply of milk for the Baby Ball. Plus, the Baby Ball had a good latch (ang takaw kasi!), so leaking milk was a good problem.  Let me share my rants and raves on the brands I used for my nursing/breast pads.

When at home, I used the Avent washable breast pads I got from SM Baby Company. I kept a stash of about 14 pads, since they soak easily especially when baby sleeps longer than expected during the day (which isn’t often, unfortunately!).  They did the job well and these are the right size for me.

One thing I didn’t like about them was that they’re lace-covered on the outer side. I was forever worried that the washing will damage the lace and that when it does, the loose lace thread will come off, stick to or make a mess inside my bra, and somehow make its way to my baby’s mouth.  So, if ever I find one with torn lace, I’d throw it away.  It wasn’t often, but it did happen.
Avent washable nursing pads. image from
Also, since these were washable, they didn’t have the adhesive strips on them that the disposable ones had. Hence, it was difficult to wear these when I had to move around out of the house. I was conscious of my breastpads maybe falling out or moving around in my bra.

When I went out, I’d use the BW (BabyWear) disposable breast pads that I also buy in SM Baby Company. They were more affordable and do the job.


disposables BW from facebook
I’d stock up on the 36 pcs at a time so I wouldn’t have to do shopping runs too often. These are disposable, after all. Image from Babywear’s facebook.
My top three reasons:
(1) The adhesive which helps it stick to my bra gave me less worries that the pad will fall off when I open my bra to nurse in public.
(2) If the pad gets full or heavy I can just throw it away and pop in a new one. I always kept an extra pair or two in my diaper bag.
(3) Again because of the adhesive, I was less worried that it’ll get displaced and that the milk will leak through to my bra or shirt.

Adhesive on both sides made it less prone to being displaced or even falling out.  Individually wrapped so it’s easy to pack and go.
What I don’t like lang about using disposable breast pads is the smell it carries when it’s stained with milk. For some reason, the smell is stronger in disposable breast pads than the washable ones. And they did tend to get heavier faster.

Well, at any rate, using nursing pads BFF (Breastfeeding Find, more on that here) kept my bras and my tops from being stained with milk. (Sidebar: I was at an exhibit once for work and I heard a baby crying. My gosh, I was so surprised to realize that I had started to leak milk when I heard the crying!  Good thing I was wearing nursing pads even when I was just pumping at that time. Yes, it does happen!).


Next post are my favorite brands of BFF 6- Nursing Wear!

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