BFF 6: Nursing Wear

Here are my favorite brands or sources of nursing wear that are comfy, stylish, and very versatile. In fact, I still have some pieces in my closet up to now and no one would guess they’re really meant for breastfeeding!

I mentioned in my post BFF 4: Nursing Bras that I didn’t really plan on needing nursing bras and nursing wear, so I didn’t do any research on these before I gave birth. Since I was breastfeeding and we didn’t want to take the baby out yet before the baptism (pamahiin!), my little one was latched to me almost 24/7.   Shopping? Out of the question. But when I started going out again, I realized that I could only rotate a few pieces of “regular” clothes in my closet if I wanted to have an easier time breastfeeding in public. I didn’t want to have to look for a nursing station at every destination, and hiking up my top or dress every time baby wanted to feed wasn’t appealing to me. Though department stores typically carry nursing wear, I didn’t really have time to raid the malls, so I researched for online stores.  Here are my tried and tested sources for nursing wear.

Spoiled! Store 

taken from the Spoiled! Store facebbok 
I discovered Spoiled! through the Girltalk forums during the time when I think there weren’t very many sources for nursing wear. I don’t remember if Spoiled! had the online shopping option they have now back in 2010, but back then I just called to inquire then I really had to make the trip to their physical store in Ortigas.  The store carries a lot of items for mommy and baby, nursing wear among them.  There were wraps, covers, bags, sleepgear, etc. I got some Mamaway nursing tops here, and I would have gotten more except that they were pricier than I expected. Medyo mahal pala ang nursing wear, no?  But, I still have a couple of shirts in my closet now, so ROI narin.  I think I would have gone back for more pieces if I had breastfed the Princess longer.

Top from the Spoiled! Store. Baby is latched in this photo.
Latch A Babe Nursing Wear

taken from LABnursingwear facebook
This supplier was one I discovered through a web search while I was looking for a nursing outfit to wear for Baby Ball’s baptism in 2014.  I just shopped online and the items were delivered.  While I mostly got casual wear from Spoiled!, Latch A Babe’s clothes line carries several styles of more sophisticated pieces I’d reserve for special events. I got a few dresses here, and I really felt feminine and “dolled up” in my LAB pieces.  I discovered they’re also available on Zalora.

Dress from LABNursingWear 
Mommyfide PH

taken from Mommyfide PH facebook
Another online store with a more extensive line of tops and dresses.  I got some of my work and sleeveless tops from Mommyfide. My impression is that Mommyfide PH is more of a small business (for now!) type of operation, with Mommy Kat at the helm. But the styles are relatively more extensive and change more often, so there’s always something new when you check them out, aside from the more saleable “favorites” she always restocks on. For me also, Mommyfide was my more affordable source of nursing wear, so I could afford to treat myself to a purchase every once in awhile. Again, I’ve still got a few pieces of Mommyfide in my closet now.

Dress from Mommyfide PH. My baby is actually latched in this photo.
My breastfeeding tops and dresses (along with my “regular” clothes which were breastfeeding-friendly) helped me breastfeed out of the house.  I didn’t really use a nursing cover since my babies were uncomfortable (naiinitan yata sa ilalim), so since I didn’t have to hike up my nursing wear shirts/tops/dresses, I’d just cover my baby’s head with a cloth diaper or shawl for privacy.

Other non-nursing specific clothes I also used for breastfeeding  (but I really needed a good cover for) are:

  • Deep V-neck tops or blouses
  • Tube or spaghetti-strapped elastic bodice tops or dresses
  • Button-down tops (but I was always careful the buttons wouldn’t hurt baby)
  • Wrap dresses or tops
  • Stretchy tops with wide necklines

But there are so many chic styles and choices for nursing wear now, I sometimes want to get some pieces even if I don’t breastfeed anymore! And because they’re online stores make it so accessible (and tempting!).

So there, breastfeed in style, mommies! Up next in the BFF (Breastfeeding Finds series, more on that here) is my BFF 7- Nipple Relief!

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