BFF 8: Nursing Pillow

There are a lot of moms who are pro-Nursing Pillow users, and maybe even more who discourage their use.  Actually, now that I think about it, I think I know more moms who didn’t use nursing pillows at all! So, a nursing pillow isn’t for everyone. But I used mine a lot, and here are my top reasons why.

Remember that it’s always best that you bring baby to your breast, and not the other way around?  Therefore, I feel it’s important that I mention baby was always already latched on before I put him/her on the nursing pillow, or any other pillow if I didn’t have the nursing pillow with me. This ensured that the pillow wouldn’t get in the way of a good latch.

More about breastfeeding positioning basics from La Leche Leage here and from Babycentre here.

My nursing pillow, which we all called the “U- pillow”, was a staple of mine when I was breastfeeding.  Here were my reasons for using a nursing pillow:

  1. It provided me with extra support (arms and back), especially during those times I was exhausted.
    Breastfeeding the Baby Ball with our U-pillow
  2. It helped “protect” my c-section while my cut was still fresh, and it shielded baby from my tummy band which I needed to help my c-section heal.
  3. It helped me hold up my baby for breastfeeding for long times, especially when baby was getting heavier and heavier.
  4. It made baby’s latch more stable since the position was constant and secure.
  5. I could still cradle my baby after he/she had fallen asleep without having to put baby down. Putting baby down was sometimes the reason baby would wake up again.


Cradling my Baby Ball for a family pic in a restaurant
I’d also put a cloth diaper under baby’s head when my baby breastfed, since pawisin ang dalawa kong anak.  They’d fidget and feel uncomfortable when the skin contact made their heads all sweaty.

Oh, and we’d also use the nursing pillow for tummy time and to prop baby up when we’d talk and play!

Photo of the Princess on the U-pillow during playtime
So, try it out first and see if it works for you and your baby before you decide to use it. If it gets in the way of a good latch, or becomes uncomfortable for you, then maybe you really don’t need one after all.

For my very last post on my BFF’s (Breastfeeding Finds, more on that here), stay tuned for BFF 9- Nursing Stations on Monday!

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