Trying out Timezone at Greenbelt 4, Makati

When we go to the mall, our usual agenda consists of shopping errands, a meal, checking out the tech stores for the hubby, and for the kids maybe a ride on the mall’s train or carousel. We seldom go to the arcades. So when Timezone caught our 5-year old’s eye when we were at Greenbelt 4 one weekend, we were surprised when she asked us if she could try some games. But we figured, yeah, ok why not?

“Ok nak, but just a few games ha?” we told her.  We decided that the hubby will play with her, while I took the Baby Ball to check on clothes for the kids on the same floor. I took a little longer since I decided to take photos of the breastfeeding station for the blog, so I was hurrying back to Timezone thinking they would probably already be waiting.

Oh, but I was so wrong. When I stepped inside Timezone with the Baby Ball in the stroller, the hubby and the Princess were excitedly proclaiming they hit some sort of bonus and the tickets were still pouring out of this game they tried.


This was the game. I’m still not sure how this is played, and the hubby said they were just trying it out but suddenly this started happening.

Dispensing 500 tickets and still going

WOW, I thought. I told them to go check the counter so the Princess could already decide on what prize she wanted, while I waited for the game to dispense the 500 tickets. (Each prize at the counter can be exchanged for a corresponding number of tickets you win from the games).  The Baby Ball was already getting impatient and sleepy.

When the game finished with the tickets, we asked the Princess to pose for a photo.

A bit overwhelmed 

HOWEVER! The prize my little girl wanted called for 750 tickets… so, yup you guessed it. We had to stay and play some of the other games to get to that number. We tried all kinds of games: ball games, maze games, race games, water games, video games, pick-me-up games, etc.  I wanted her to just choose another prize so we can go already, but the hubby… well, I think you can figure he was OK with having to hit the ticket goal.

Those two had a blast. (Ok, I admit I had fun too. The Baby Ball enjoyed playing with the ball games.)

Hay. Remind me not to let those two into Timezone next time, unless I plan on another hour or two of shopping.

Happy weekend, everyone! Stay safe and dry!

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