BFF 9: Nursing Stations (Part 1)

One of the challenges of on-demand breastfeeding is to always plan to feed your baby in public. Though I mostly just breastfed wherever and whenever baby was hungry (I’d just put a shawl or cloth diaper over my nursing baby), I’m happy that most of the malls soM (south of Manila) we frequented have nursing stations available. Let’s have a run-down of some, shall we?

Family Lounge @ Greenbelt Mall (Makati)
Location: Fourth Floor, Greenbelt 5 (beside Nail Tropics)

Greenbelt Family Lounge (2)
The Family Lounge is fairly big.  There are actually several clusters of spaces for your companions in the Family Lounge (though I think you need to be an Ayala Malls cardholder to use the facilities), while there are two private breastfeeding stations (open even to non-Ayala Malls cardholders).

Greenbelt Family Lounge (6)
Family areas
Greenbelt Family Lounge (1)
Other clusters for companions and patrons
Greenbelt Family Lounge (4)
Entrance to the Nursing Station

Breastfeeding stations are super comfy with a plush chair and footrest, soft music, warm lights and even sockets where you can plug in your pump or even charge your phone. You can even bring your stroller into the breastfeeding station since it’s very spacious.

Greenbelt Family Lounge (5)
Comfy chair, footrest, side table and sockets available for breastpumps

Since there are only two breastfeeding rooms, it can only accommodate two mom-and-baby pairs at a time for private breastfeeding.  It also takes quite a walk to get to the Family Lounge, which is tucked away at the very end of the 5th floor. So, plan that you’ll really need to trek to get there.

Rustan’s Nursing Station @ Alabang Town Center
Location: Ground Floor, Rustan’s Department Store (Kids Section)

ATC- Rustans' Family Room (1) - Copy
Entrance to the Nursing Station of Rustan’s ATC

My all-time favorite place in ATC to change my babies’ diapers since there’s a soft-cushioned crib with diaper pad (yes, an actual crib!!). Plus, my hubby can go in with me to help me with the nappy changes. Believe me, a kicking and screaming infant during a nappy change is very difficult to handle alone. It’s also very spacious, so you can bring in your stroller and bags with lots of room to move around. There’s also a play table where the Princess can keep herself busy.

ATC- Rustans' Family Room (2) - Copy
Crib for changing, yey!
You’ll need to share your seat with other breastfeeding moms and babies

There’s only one couch, so I do hope they add another armchair or two.  And since everything is all in one room, so you can’t really breastfeed privately if another mom needs to breastfeed too, or if families decide to use the play table or crib. Maybe add curtains for privacy?  You’ll also need to transfer to the nearby restroom if you need to wash your hands (which you’ll need to do after nappy changes). It’s just a few steps out of the room, but you’ll still need to transfer your things to change baby.

Family Lounge @ Alabang Town Center (Alabang-Zapote Road, Muntinlupa)
Location: Second Floor, Corte de Las Palmas (in front of Switch)

Another big Family Lounge from Ayala Malls. The hubby likes that it’s right across Switch. Like the one in Greenbelt, it has several clusters of spaces for the companions of breastfeeding moms and babies.

Spacious and comfy area for patrons. There’re also some computers at the back.

There’s also a play area for the kids and an internet café, though again you have to be Ayala Malls cardholders to use these (breastfeeding stations can be used even by non-cardholders).

Entrance to the nursing station. Very private and calm.
Lay-Z-boys! Baka makautulog din ako!

Compared to Greenbelt, nursing stations here have Lay-Z-boys (comfort points!!), but also have the side tables, sockets and warm lighting that the Greenbelt ones have.

Fully-equipped changing station right inside the breastfeeding room

Aside from having those fab recliners, I prefer the layout of the ATC nursing station than the one in Greenbelt since the one in ATC is more private. The location is also more accessible.  Also, the diaper changing station is right next to the nursing station, so no transferring of things to change baby after nursing.

HOWEVER! Since the changing station is inside the nursing station, hubby couldn’t go with me to help change baby.  The staff so kindly got the changing cushion and transferred it outside, so hubby could help me change my very malikot Baby Ball. Galing ng customer service.

I’m doing a part 2 on this BFF (Breastfeeding Finds, more on that here) with three more soM (south of Manila) malls, so stay tuned!

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