BFF 9: Nursing Stations (Part 2)

My last installment on BFF 9, and my last post in this BFF series!

Evia Lifestyle Center (Daang Hari, Muntinlupa)

Location: Inside the female restrooms, Lower Ground Level, Building A (In front of Ace Hardware)
Evia Lifestyle Center (3)
In Evia, the Breastfeeding room is a simple little room inside the female restroom of Building A. And when I say simple, it really just has two chairs and a changing table.

Evia Lifestyle Center (1)
Two chairs. Wallpaper needs to be changed.. just saying.
Evia Lifestyle Center (2)
Changing table inside the breastfeeding room
No sockets here, warm lights or music. Although I must say, at least the sinks are right outside so you can wash your hands after changing baby. There’s also a chaise lounge chair right outside, in the waiting area of the restroom. I guess female companions can wait here while you breastfeed.

Evia Lifestyle Center (4)
Waiting area outside the door of the breastfeeding room
Evia Lifestyle Center (5)
Sinks of the restroom are right outside the door of the breastfeeding room as well.
Evia Lifestyle Center (6)
This is also part of the female restroom. Wala lang, cute area for the kiddos eh, hehe. .
Incidentally, the toilets in this restroom are Kohler. Again, just saying.

SM Southmall (Alabang-Zapote Road, Las Piñas)
Location: Second Floor (near Ace Hardware and the escalators)

SM Southmall (1)
Sign directing you to the nursing station and the mall clinic.
SM Southmall (2)
SM Malls Breastfeeding Station House Rules
The breastfeeding area houses one couch and two armchairs, so about four moms can breastfeed at a time.  I remember one time, we were three moms breastfeeding there and it already felt cramped. (Though it was vacant when I came to take pictures). No strollers or shopping bags allowed.  Also, as you can see from the photos, you’re face to face with the other moms.

SM Southmall (3)
Two armchairs and a couch
There is also no nearby changing station for nappy changes.  I think SM needs to understand that after a breastfeeding baby feeds, he most probably will poop… or vice-versa.

SM Southmall (4)
Extra monoblock chairs, which I assume are to accommodate breastfeeding moms who will go above the 4-mom count. There’s a table, but it’s not for diaper changing.
Sorry, but another rant I have is the breastfeeding station is right next to an office and the mall’s clinic. I know there may be those who will say that just taking baby to the mall exposes him/her to viruses and germs, but still, I felt uneasy having to walk my baby past the sick patients to get to the small room and breastfeed.  Wish they’d locate it in separate family lounge, maybe, away from direct exposure to communicable diseases?

SM City BF (Sucat, Parañaque)
Location: Third Level (Near the restrooms and Our Home)

SM City BF (2)

I haven’t seen the breastfeeding stations in the other SM Malls (aside from Southmall), but this is another one beside (same access) to the mall clinic. The design/plan for this one is slightly better than the one in SM Southmall though, since there are curtains put up for privacy of three mother-baby pairs, it’s roomier, and there are two more armchairs which can accommodate two more pairs.

SM City BF (4)
Three curtains
SM City BF (5)
Two more armchairs, and two sinks, and other medical equipment beside the seats with curtains.
There are also two sets of sinks (I presume for use of the clinic and its patients as well).  Again, like the one I used in SM Southmall, you’ll have to go out to the restrooms to change diapers, companions have to wait outside, and strollers and shopping bags are not allowed.

SM City BF (3)
Sign at SM City BF’s Nursing Station
So there! Six malls SOM (South of Manila) with breastfeeding or nursing stations.

My favorite breastfeeding stations are definitely those in the Ayala Malls: great layouts, fairly spacious and accessible, and planned with privacy, convenience and comfort in mind for moms, babies and their families. But all the same, thumbs up to all malls that have breastfeeding stations!

Oh, I’m sentimental!  This my last post on my BFF’s (Breastfeeding Finds, more here) series! 

Always remember, Mommy: You’re awesome, and your baby thanks you and loves you very much! Happy Breastfeeding!

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