The new Evia Lifestyle Center in Daang-Hari, Las Piñas

Evia Lifestyle Center
Daang Hari, Las Pinas
 After quite awhile of not visiting Evia, I was able to again go around this not-so-new but so-much-expanded mall from Vista Land in Daang-Hari in Las Piñas.  I was so happy and aliw with the overall vibe, especially the feel of the glass atrium and the awesome twilight blue sky!  Allow me to photoblog and take you through this gem of a find in the south of Manila.

Evia is made up of three buildings: Building A being the first building they put up years ago, Building B right across from it which has the perpetual awesome sky, and Building C which houses the cinemas.

Mall entrance located in Building B from the basement parking


Mall façade when you step out of building B


Evia is pet-friendly


This area gave me the same outdoor feel of Corte De Las Palmas in Alabang Town Center


Starbucks with drive-thru in the left side of the open parking lot


On the right side of the open parking lot is a McDonalds. This is our default snack stopover when traveling to Cavite or Tagaytay via Daang-Hari.


Rustans supermarket was one of the first stores to open in Evia.


Evia Mall Directory


The three buildings front and share a high glass atrium. There’s a nice fountain off-center.


View from the higher floors. There are artificial pocket gardens and open space to run around.


Mall-goers relaxing in this park-feel place. See the Coffee Bean in the background? This coffeebean was also one of the first stores in Evia. Before the atrium was built, it was outdoor fronting a mini-playground. With the atrium now, it’s fronting a bigger, air-conditioned area for the kids to run around.


We actually stayed in the second floor of coffee bean overlooking the fountain. Al fresco na airconditioned, san ka pa!


Yey! H&M coming soon!


Small arcade area on the 2nd floor of Building C. 


Mostly “pick-me-up” games.


A few rides for the small kids


Cinemas on the third floor of Building C, above the small arcade


Movie munchies


Saw this sign for VistaMoney


My fave find here: skies of twilight blue at the 2nd Level of Building B! I’m not sure if this changes color, but it was this lovely shade of blue the whole time we were there exploring.


Imagine walking around, or eating a good meal, or relaxing while looking up at that sky.


love love love!

So, that’s the new Evia! There are still so many stores that will be opening soon.  It’s on my list for places to chill at and have coffee on laid-back mornings or afternoons. I’ll probably bring the Princess here to bond over cupcakes or milkshakes soon under that awesome sky. The kids’ll love this!


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