Discovering Kidzoona at Solenad, Nuvali in Sta. Rosa

Solenad 3 @ Nuvali
Sta. Rosa, Laguna

The hubby and I had seen Kidzoona from the outside on one of our dates in Nuvali, but we had never actually taken the kids there. So, we were thrilled when the Princess was invited there for the birthday party of one of her regular playdate-mates. Truthfully, we had planned on dropping off the Princess and her guardian there, and to just take the Baby Ball around the mall. But when the gracious party hosts realized this, they were insistent that we all stay. I’m so happy na hindi na ako nagpakipot, because the Baby Ball, and yes, even the hubby and I, enjoyed and had so much fun!

It’s so big pala inside! The parents of the birthday girl rented out the entire place for the party, so I’m not sure if it feels more cramped on regular days. I’m estimating we were more than a hundred kids and adults, and it still felt very spacious.  I’m not sure of the procedures when it’s open for everyone, but for the party, we just logged in, left our shoes (everyone needs to be in socks inside) in lockers near the entrance, parked our stroller, and ayun, the kids bolted to the play areas na.

Let me just show you why my little family had so much fun. Let’s photoblog, shall we?

Additional lockers inside, just after the entrance booth. There are more around the corner in the picture, where the photographer is.

Roleplay town is right across the lockers. Kid-friendly, toys and props are well-maintained.

Welcome sign. Town areas and shops have costumes/uniforms as well.

One of the kids putting on her laboratory coat. Future doctor, yes?

My kids had so much fun taking turns in this ice-cream shoppe, mixing up the different colors of ice-cream scoops.

Fruit and veggie shopping, anyone? Incidentally, this was great for reviewing the Princess on the different kids of veggies and fruits. The Baby Ball also knows several of them from our toy kitchen (which includes some fruit and veggie toys) at home. Now if these kids would also eat them too…

An area beside Roleplay Town where some of the other kids were building cities, towers, canals and mazes.  There was a cute baby girl also playing there.  My Baby Ball likes blocks, but surprisingly this area didn’t interest him that day.

He had a blast in this red car, though.

Wahooo!! Vroom vroom!

Toy Corner. This area is actually bigger but I forgot to take a photo of it. Here there are lots of smaller toys for those who prefer more non-locomotor type of play. Note those rolling rings at the back. My Princess had fun being rolled around inside.

Oh, but this was the Baby Ball’s suuuuuuper favorite attraction at Kidzoona. Here he is watching the other kids run and jump and run and jump, and run and jump….

Uh-oh, Baby Ball… you might get run over by the bigger kids! Stay down muna!
Of course when the bigger kids weren’t on here, you can just imagine how the Baby Ball ran from end to end,”hop hop hop hop hopped! like a rabbit” from end to end, and rolled from end to end!

Pictured it already? Now, imagine my hubby doing that. If you’re wondering.. Well, yes, he did.

This was what we called the “Ball Zone” area at the back part of Kidzoona. Everything is padded, and there are so many places to explore! The Princess went up the tower but asked the hubby to help her down again.

This giant slide was there as well. The Princess isn’t too fond of slides, so she even didn’t try this. 

Area for guardians fronting the Ball Zone. I think these sofas are normally in the area where they set up the party chairs and tables (see at the back of the sofas).

Area where they set up the chairs and tables for the adults. The party was catered by Shakey’s, so everyone’s tummy was happy with the party food. There were even J.CO donuts for a sweet ending to the meal.

Buffet setup by Shakey’s

There was a small room which also has a videoke machine. I saw a couple of ladies belting out some songs here after the party winded down a bit. Note: image modified to exclude the celebrant’s name in the birthday banner.
Oh, and if you’re wondering where all the kids are since they’re not in some of the photos above… well, they were in the activity area doing the party games.

Here they are. I really took most of the photos when everyone was busy, hehe.
It was raining really hard outside but we had a blast here, safe from the weather. The kids were happily exhausted after, and so were we, from running around after them. (Ok I admit, we played with some stuff there too!).  Bye for now, Kidzoona! We’ll be back to play again soon.


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