Workmode at Café Seol Hwa, Noah’s Place in BF Homes

Café Seol Hwa
Noah’s Place, 330 Aguirre Ave. cor Tehran Sts.
BF Homes, Parañaque

Even when we were still dating, the hubby and I would often have study dates for graduate schoolwork, or work dates for, well, work. He would bring his laptop and I would bring mine, and we would burrow in our own to-do lists before we rewarded ourselves with an actual date (usually a movie or a food binge).  We still go on work dates today if work needs to get done on a weekend (this thankfully isn’t often). So, we keep a substantial list of coffee shops or cafes which are conducive for getting things done. We’re happy to have found another “workmode” date place in Café Seol Hwa inside BF Homes. 

Café Seol Hwa is located on the Second Level of Noah’s Place, a building along Aguirre Avenue.  It’s very near Club Bambino (see post here). There were quite a bit of customers when we went, which was mid-afternoon on a holiday.  It seems the place has a lot of patrons of its desserts. We had just finished a big meal before going there though, so we just ordered drinks.

Mango smoothie for the hubby. It was good without being overly sweet, and was blended well.
My caramel macchiato. Um, I’ll order something else next time. 
The interiors are nice, and the place didn’t feel too cramped. There were some sockets available on one side of the café and we were lucky to have gotten a table near one since we needed to plug in. The place has free wifi too.

Orders are placed at the counter.
There is an elevated area to the side, and some tables outside overlooking the busy street.
K-pop wall which I really can’t comment on since I know nothing about K-pop. (sorry) They also hung some cultural items here.
Other stuff for sale

I see more and more establishments opting for self-service drinking water stations.
reading material under the drinking cups
Cakes, pastries and bottled drinks
But what earned Café Seol Hwa a spot in several dessert features is their bingsu. Bingsu is a popular Korean dessert of shaved ice with sweet toppings such as chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, etc.  There are already quite a number of bingsu places, but Café Seol Hwa is known for serving some of the best.

The bingsu menu looks tempting, especially the caramel coffee bingsu. Two of my favorite things!
Other menu items with toasts and beverages
We’ll definitely try the bingsu and toasts next time.



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