Going Cwazy at Milkbox in Alabang Town Center, Alabang

Milkbox Finest Coffee and Desserts
Lower Ground Level, New Wing Alabang Town Center
No: 0999-884-0624

Milkshake lovers of the south, rejoice! This quiet little shop tucked away in the corner of ATC’s Metro side looks innocent, but packs a mean punch when satisfying that dessert craving after a big meal.

Since the basement parking of Metro Supermarket and Department Store is about the only place you can park in at ATC without having to walk in the rain (and the weather now is cwazy!), we almost always pass this way when we park.  So now, after discovering Milkbox, I am having trouble forgiving myself for not taking notice of this sweet shoppe earlier.  It’s a good thing that after a heavy carb lunch in Cibo, my bestie and I craved for coffee, and we found ourselves walking into Milkbox on our way back to Metro’s parking.

Resto wall with sticky notes from customers.
Counter area
Ice-cream flavors
Filing drawer design of the left wall across the cashier and counter.
Self-serve drinking water, utensils and condiments tray.
Though we were originally set to order hot cups of coffee, we made the mistake (?) of looking through the other items on the menu first.



So after looking through their menu and seeing the desserts the other table ordered, syempre, we both didn’t order coffee. All resolve got thrown out the window and we decided we wanted needed dessert. We took a long time deciding what to order, but we always came back to those cwazy shake choices on the menu. So we finally decided that our first visit to Milkbox warranted that we go, ummm.. cwazy.

Board behind the counter educating us on the composition of a cwazy shake
These were the cwazy shakes we ordered.
I was exclaiming that I couldn’t possibly finish off this big thing by myself, but as usual, the dessert lover in me proved myself mistaken (again).

My bestie’s Malted Milk Cwazy Shake
My Pumpkin Spice Cwazy Shake was…cwazy!!  I’ll order this again in a heartbeat.
Oh, that pumpkin spice cwazy shake! It was super creamy and consistency was the same even after several minutes (I needed time to finish it all).  The waffle piece was chewy without being tough, and the stick biscuits were perfect sweet-salty bites in-between sips of the luscious, creamy milkshake.

Must coerce convince the hubby that we try the skillet cookie, wonuts, and waffle sundaes the next time we’re in ATC!

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