Our Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay Staycation: The Activities

As much as time, health, and budget permit, we try to give the kids experiences which are fun, safe, and educational. The main reason why Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay appealed to me was because of the hotel’s in-house activities which seemed to be perfect new experiences for my two young, energetic kids. So when we found a weekend when time, health, and budget were all in check for a trip to Tagaytay… gooo na! Road trip, woohoo!  The kids had a blast, and the Princess is already asking us when we can go back!

After a smooth and early check-in, these greeted us while we were going up to our room.

 We were able to do everything except the horseback riding.
Princess: Mama, Zootopia! My favorite movie!!
An outdoor movie night!

I already blogged about the hotel facilities and amenities here, but what will really be treasured memories are the experiences we had that weekend. We really wanted them to play outdoors (which they don’t normally do on a day-to-day basis), which was why we didn’t spend much time in the hotel’s game room. Here are six activities we really enjoyed doing at Hotel Kimberly:

1. Feeding the Farm Animals at the Petting Zoo

My daughter had already gone to zoos and farms on field trips and one trip with her cousins before, so this was not a new experience for her. But that didn’t stop her from having a blast feeding the animals, and actually giving us trivia bits about them that she learned in school! But it was the Baby Ball’s first time to see farm animals close up, and we thought he’d get scared. We shouldn’t have worried, as you’ll see in the photos.

You can see the signs on the sale of farm animals on the right. The bonfire and marshmallow roasting that night was held near the seemingly unfinished structure on the left of the photo.


Closer view of the for sale signs. The arc also serves as the boundary to the petting zoo.
Fat belly pigs

You can opt to feed the sheep and the rabbits. Unlike some zoos or farms, you don’t have to buy the food to feed to the animals. The farmhand is there ready to assist and provide you with as much food as you want to feed during feeding time. Manong also enthusiastically tells the kids about the animals.

Keep your feet firm on the ground and hold on to the leaves, the sheep are strong and really pull them from you!
I’m not sure if this is a ram or an ewe, since in some breeds both can have horns. But whichever, this sheep is cute!
The Princess was brave enough to enter the rabbit house and feed the rabbits on her own.
Whoa, the friends are here! Princess, I think you need more leaves.
There’s also a greenhouse near the petting zoo where the hotel grows some of their produce.
A closer look at our, eerm, breakfast salad?


Another view of the petting zoo.
View of the hotel facade from the petting zoo area
We decided not to ride Mr. (or Ms.?) horse, who was grazing at the other end of the pasture. Next time, horsey!
The hubby was able to take a closer shot.

Did I mention I was worried the Baby Ball wouldn’t like the animals? Well, he balked at the feeding, but look what he did to this poor little turkey who was minding its own business on the field.

Baby Ball: Come, turkey! Come!
ahhhh! COME!!

He chased the poor little guy all over the place. And he almost caught him too!

2. Roasting Marshmallows at the Bonfire 

 Hotel Kimberly has marshmallow-roasting and movie watching on weekend nights. The marshmallow-roasting was held in the open area near the petting zoo.  This was a first for all of us. They had these bigger-than-usual marshmallows on even bigger-than-usual sticks. I don’t even think I can even call them sticks kasi I imagine BBQ-like sticks. They’re more like patpat na, thick and about a yard or so long, I guess for safety reasons so you don’t have to go too close to the fire.

Sorry. Hard to get a decent shot in the dark.


Those things catch fire pala! Flaming marshmallow alert!

I don’t really like marshmallows, but I had a revelation: Ang sarap pala ng toasted and medyo burnt na marshmallows! Sorry #halatangfirsttimer, hehe. The Princess naman preferred the unroasted ones, so she did enjoy roasting marshmallows but gave them all to her father and me, and just asked the hotel staff for more and ate them like that.  The Baby Ball didn’t like marshmallows either way, and the hubby liked them whatever way.

Just go to the area when it’s time for the bonfire, and the hotel staff will hand you sticks with marshmallows and assist you in the roasting. They’re also ready with lots of marshmallows for your next rounds.

3. Enjoying Movie Nights and Popcorn

After having our fill of marshmallow roasting, it was time for the movie. The movie is located in the playground area near the parking lot. We saw them setting up there in the late afternoon, and the Princess was excited since Zootopia is her current fave movie (she loves the songs too!).

There was a big projector screen, wooden benches, hotel cushioned seats (for those who prefer softer seating), and floor mats all set up on the grass. 


The movie had actually already started, then it started to drizzle! (Booo.). The weather was uncooperative, but the staff were quick to transfer the movie indoors to one of the hotel’s function rooms. Yey!  The Princess still had her movie nights with free popcorn!

They even transferred the wooden benches inside.

The Baby Ball doesn’t appreciate long movies yet, so after a bit of running around in the lobby, he just played in the room and watched Disney Junior on TV instead, while the hubby got some work done.

Lobby at night


4. Taking Pictures at the Lobby

My last post already has lots of lobby pictures. This time, let’s play: “Where’s the Baby Ball?”





5. Playing at the Playground

I think I mentioned in my Kidzoona post that my daughter doesn’t enjoy slides much. The Baby Ball repeatedly enjoyed the lower slides, while the Princess finally overcame her fear of high slides, and mustered up the courage to try the long spiral slide down! It helped too that it was not a fast descent. Horaay! I’m so glad she felt proud of herself after, and even went on to do several more slides down.

There’s also a long wooden bench in front of this under the trees, so parents and guardians can comfortably watch over the kids playing.
My kids sliding down together.
Good job of climbing all the way up by yourself, Ate! Uhmm, so how are you gonna come down?

The playground and obstacle course spaces are really open, and the grass is well-kept, without sharp rocks or objects nearby which can hurt excited and scurrying kids.

Running… running..
..still running. See the workout I was talking about?

Which brings me to the last of the six activities…

6. Flying A Kite on the Grounds

When I saw the pictures of Hotel Kimberly’s playground and petting zoo grounds online, I immediately made a mental note to pack the Princess’ kite given to her as a gift sometime back. I hoped for strong winds and open space so we could finally use it, and we did!

The hubby teaching the Princess how to fly the kite.
My hubby in action! I love that he’s so game for experiences like these.
Alright, way to go, Princess! She run the length of that lawn and finally got Cinderella up and flying. Yey!!
A princess smiling down at a Princess. I love it!

So, these are the things we did at Hotel Kimberly. We had so much fun and can’t wait to do them all again!

Since I love me a good and hearty breakfast, up next is the breakfast buffet at Café at K!

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