Our Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay Staycation: The Breakfast Buffet

One of the things I always look forward to in hotel stays are the breakfast buffets. I’ve never been the continental breakfast kinda girl: I need my rice, eggs, ulam and coffee. I wasn’t expecting much from the breakfast buffet included in Hotel Kimberly’s package, but I’m happy to have gotten all my breakfast staples and more, including awesome crispy bacon, the famous Tagaytay tawilis, at may dilis pa! 

A usual, I got up before everyone else, and got to enjoy the cool crisp air and the serenity of this Tagaytay morning with a hot cup of my favorite Kopiko Brown Coffee (I bring this everywhere!) from our room balcony.

Thank you God for another beautiful day with family.
When everybody else was up, I hustled everyone to breakfast at the Café at K downstairs. I was worried we would have to wait for a table since the hotel was fully booked because of the wedding the night before, but thankfully a table and high-chair were readily available.

Now this is by no means the best breakfast spread I’ve had in terms of variety, but everything we tried was good, and c’mon, there’s unli bacon!

The ulams: there was corned beef, chicken and pork adobo, crispy tawilis, and champorado. There was also pansit canton, hash browns, garlic rice and plain rice.
The crispy bacon which deserved its own spot, and which was constantly being refilled to a heap. Sorry, doesn’t look very tempting when it’s just the bits and last few strips, does it?
Kid’s corner with corn flakes, coco crunch, milk, french fries and chicken fingers.
Salad greens station with condiments and dressings. There were also fried bananas and crispy dilis. I had the crispy dilis as ulam too!
Dessert table with slices of pineapple and watermelon, french toast (I couldn’t find the syrup though but it was yummy even without), and some native bico and sapin-sapin.
Have your eggs the way you want at the egg station. I love that Kuya Chef stood straighter and gave a pose when he saw I was taking a picture of his station.
coffee, tea, juice.
We all enjoyed the hearty breakfast buffet, the calories of which we burned in no time after all the activities we did that day.

So that’s my last installment of our Hotel Kimberly Staycation. We truly had a great time, and will surely be looking forward to our next trip back!


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