Bowen 24 Café: A New Neighborhood Café in BF Homes

Bowen 24 Café
#29 Presidents Ave
BF Homes, Parañaque
Tel: 4781386

I’m a coffee shop girl.  My idea of a relaxing afternoon is a comfy seat, a hot cup of good coffee (which is always better if paired with yummy dessert!), and hours of good company.  This is why I’m always on the lookout for places not only with good coffee, but inviting and relaxing atmospheres as well. I’m happy to have found such a place in Bowen 24 Café.

I learned about Bowen 24 Café from one of my favorite mommy bloggers, so when my bestie asked me where I wanted to have coffee one afternoon, I suggested we try out this new coffee place in BF Homes. She was game, so off to Bowen 24 we went.

The café is relatively easy to find as it is right across from the McDonald’s and Puregold in Phase 1.

I was excited to see that cakes were available at the counter.
Several tables were occupied on a weekday afternoon, which was probably a good sign. We were able to find a table in the corner, and I quickly snapped some photos of the interiors after we ordered.

A closer look at the sweet stuff on display

The big, muffin-like bread pudding called out to me, so I ordered one to go with my coffee.
Here’s their two-page menu. The menu is still somewhat limited, but that’s understandable given that they’ve only opened about a month ago. They’re asking their customers to give feedback, which is good since that might mean more food choices on our next visit.

Now I mentioned that I prefer coffee shops with a relaxing atmosphere, and I’ve gotten used to this meaning that interiors are primarily along the warm hues of brown and soft orange. I was pleasantly surprised that tones of grey and white can be relaxing too! I guess Bowen uses sort of like a modern zen vibe, is that it? So before I comment on my cup, let me show you some of Bowen 24 Cafe’s design choices.

The honeycomb design of this accent wall will really prompt you to take notice of Bowen’s interiors. Bowen 24 Cafe uses mostly colors of black, white and grey.

The tables against the accent wall spell BO-W-EN-24. 

modern industrial lighting fixtures

More seating at the counter.
Another unique feature is an adorable kiddie corner! It’s a small space that’s perfect as a little one’s reading nook. When the Princess was younger, she used to have a “reading tent” which she’d crawl into with a good picture book. I’m sure the Princess can spend time here while I chat it up with friends or with the hubby, or while I read up or finish some work.  There is wifi, but there are no sockets for you to plug in though, so best to come with full batteries if you need to get work done.

There’s a modest selection of books, though the titles are unfamiliar to me.

 Hmmm.. I wonder if it’s ok if I grab a book or two to read? The books seem to be mostly in french.

La cabane des sept nains (french): (english translation) The cabin of the seven dwarfs

Framed on one of the cafe’s shelves is a photo of the inspiration for its design.

“Unit 24, Bowen Street. So many memories over morning coffees, late night drinks, awesome food, family & friends for keeps. Didn’t even have to think twice about using this as the inspiration behind the cafe”-Bowen 24 Cafe’s facebook
Here were our orders.

My friend ordered the Frozen Hot Cocoa which she seemed happy to sip through. And take a look at the table centerpiece.. a cactus!

I ordered a hot caramel macchiato.  I wanted to try the butterball latte on the menu but it was unavailable.

I just had to take a close-up photo of this spoon with the kettle handle.
I quite enjoyed my caramel macchiato. Aside from the pretty latte art, my fix was smooth, rich,  velvety, and just the right amount of sweet. I love that the cup and saucer they used gave a slight punch of color to the table as well.

I found the pudding to be the perfect pair for my cup of macchiato. Couldn’t help wishing it came with syrup to pour over it, though. 🙂
My friend and I were able to spend a couple of hours here catching up and enjoying our drinks. She was even able to walk to a nearby bank to do a few errands while I finished off my pastry. This neighborhood cafe is a good option if you’re in the area and need to wind down while getting your fix of good coffee after errands.

Update: And as I said, after some errands with my mom and the Princess in the area about a week later, I decided to take them here and I was able to take more photos.

As luck would have it, we were the only customers this time, so I was able to take a photo of a bigger area. 

The Princess chose the same table my friend and I were seated at the first time I was there. 

My young scientist was fascinated with the photos in this book she picked off the shelves, so this kept her busy while my mom and I chatted it up over our drinks.

Mom’s order of fruity Red Balloon tea.

While I was able to order a butterball latte, which was as rich and velvety as my caramel  macchiato, but frothier and creamier. I’m undecided as to which one I enjoyed more. 
It’s nice to have another option for a good cup of coffee in a less-crowded and quieter cafe while in this area of the BF neighborhood.

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