Trick or Treat 2016: Acacia Hotel’s Creepy Circus Kids Halloween Party

It’s really fun dressing the kids up for Halloween! We’ve been going to Acacia Hotel’s Trick or Treat (ToT) events for three years in a row, ever since the Princess turned four and was old enough to enjoy event programs and dressing up in costumes.  Here’s a rundown of the reasons why trick or treat at Acacia Hotel is a family event we look forward to every year.

But! Before my rundown of reasons, costume rundown muna!

The Princess as Queen Elsa from Frozen, at Acacia’s Hotel Transylvania, Halloween 2014
The Princess, The Baby Ball and their cousin as Joy, Disgust and Anger from Inside Out, at Acacia’s a Witches’ Brew, Halloween 2015. Some people asked to have their pictures taken with these cuties.  And the cuties even brought their dolls!
This year naman, these were their costumes for Acacia’s Creepy Circus, Halloween 2016:

The Princess as a circus puppet!
The Baby Ball as a circus strong man! Props courtesy of the hubby’s gym water bottle, covered in electric tape.
 Mr. Strongman? Or Mr. Suave? I used black face crayon for his mustache. My Little Ball refuses to wear any kind of hat or wig, so being a strongman was the perfect costume choice.


Putting on her makeup before the start of the program. She wanted to be a scary puppet, but the hubby wanted more “cute” than scary. I used lipstick around her lips and for her cheeks, and black face crayon for the outlines. We also braided ribbons in her hair to match her colorful dress.
So…why do we go to Acacia for Halloween Trick or Treat? Here are my Top 6 reasons.

  1. It’s near where we live, so we don’t have to trek so far out on an already traffic-laden day.

We all know how traffic can build up whenever there are Halloween activities and events. Being stuck in traffic is especially difficult for kids when they’re in their costumes!  Acacia Hotel is in the south and is very accessible to us, so we don’t have to allot too much time for travel, and don’t need to worry about the kids getting cranky from a long car ride.  Plus, there’s an open parking space right in front of the hotel, so parking isn’t a problem.


  1. The event has limited tickets and is done in a guarded, enclosed space.

Limiting the number of tickets sold means that there’s more crowd control. All ticket holders also get wristbands after registration, and the hotel personnel won’t let you into the cordoned-off spaces without your band. The event is also located in a floor off the main lobby, so it’s away from the usual hotel thoroughfare. My kids are still young, so safety and security in a controlled environment is a priority for us especially in crowded places.

Oh, and I loved how they decorated the ballroom this year to match the circus theme! It was so festive!

This picture was taken early, before the program started and while most of the people haven’t arrived yet. I always try to arrive early so I can choose where we sit. 


Closer look at the ceiling decor in the middle of the ballroom


Stage setup
This was how the ballroom looked like later in the day when everyone was there.

  1. There’s a set program, therefore it’s more organized.

The program is designed for young kids and kids-at-heart. Over the years there have been magic tricks, fire tricks, yoyo tricks, acrobats stunts, magic shows, puppet shows, bubble shows, and black light shows… in addition to fun booths and program games. I also appreciate things such as the event start and end times (11am-2:30pm), which allow for prep, travel, and rest time for my kids and for the hubby and me too.  The program and brunch are in the main ballroom, then trick or treat in the different function rooms on the same floor. The trick or treat event after the program is done by age batch too, so again, it’s more organized.

The kids having fun in this small inflatable outside the ballroom area.
Shot of the kids (and some parents) gathered near the stage. The kids’ (and some parents too!) costumes are awesome!  The host is the one onstage.
The Princess and some other kids with a mascot.
Getting ready to be inside a giant bubble with her cousin, who came dressed as an adorable clown! Incidentally, this cutie patootie clown won best costume in the toddler’s category!

  1. Because the main event is in a hotel ballroom, it’s got good A/C, has clean restrooms, and we are seated comfortably.

We can dress the kids up without having to worry about them getting sweaty or itchy, and the restrooms are clean, spacious, and easily accessible.  Plus, we can sit comfortably while enjoying the program and the food.

And speaking of the food….

  1. The food at Acacia Hotel doesn’t disappoint.

Heavy brunch buffet.. need I say more? Here’s the brunch buffet spread of Acacia for this year’s Trick or Treat:

Appetizers and cocktails: Salad greens and dressing, cocktail hotdog rolls, mini burgers, tuna canapes, olive canapes.
Main fillers: garlic bread, mashed potato, tomato creme penne pasta, chicken wings with bleu cheese dip, spring rolls shanghai, beef in mushroom cream sauce.
Desserts: cupcakes with marsmallow ghosts, brownie spider webs, s’mores tarts, assorted fruits, popsicle sticks.

Some creepy fruits:

Now this is one of the biggest plus points in my book: the food is always good, and in the three years we’ve been going, never has food run out, even if its obvious that a lot go back to the buffet tables for seconds and thirds.  There was also free-flowing iced tea and yakult for the kids. Busog na busog kami lagi!

  1. The candies and treats given out are from brands we know.

I try not to give my kids candies all the time (I try!).  With all the scares a while back on dangerous drugs looking like candy being passed around at events, I appreciate that the candies they give out at Acacia are from brands I know, so I know they’re “safe” for my kids to consume. In addition to the candies and treats given to the kids at the actual trick or treating activity, all kids also get to take home a lootbag with more treats and giveaways!

Contents of the lootbag.  Aside from these, the kids got a lot more treats from the trick or treat, and more goodies and giveways from the games and booths.
So, those are the reasons why we always have a great time at Acacia Hotel’s Halloween event. The Princess and I are already excited for next year!

Sidebar: Borlogs ang bagets ko. The Baby Ball fell asleep sometime during lunch, which is really his naptime, but woke up before the Trick or Treat started. The Princess naman, bagsak in the car right after we left the parking lot.


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