Manila’s Best Coffee at the Madison Galeries Lifestyle Mall, Alabang Hills

Manila’s Best Coffee
Madison Galeries Lifestyle Mall
398 Don Jesus Blvd.
Alabang Hills, Muntinlupa City

I was able to visit the relatively new Madison Galeries (yes, that’s just one “L”) Lifesytle Mall in Alabang Hills on one of my catch-up sessions with a friend of mine.  Coffee drinkers that we are, after our big lunch at Rub Ribs and BBQ (wasn’t able to take pictures, sorry!), we decided to continue our chat over this interesting coffee shop on the ground floor called “Manila’s Best Coffee”. Talaga ha? Sige masubukan nga…

The Madison Galeries Lifestyle Mall is just off Hillsborough and Alabang Hills, and is on the main road. Manila’s Best Coffee is right in front of the mall, on the first floor.

Interiors are a mix of local and industrial styles and fixtures


We were able to sit comfortably on the couch right in front of the counter.
This seemed like an interesting stool so I just had to take a closer look…
Yup! Height is adjustable when you spin the seat.

Although it’s named “Manila’s Best Coffee”, I found out that the coffee is sourced from Baguio, Batangas, Laguna and Benguet.  No Manila-grown coffee here, though the beans are definitely Philippine-grown.  You can choose to have your drinks coffee-based or non-coffee based.

Coffee beans displayed in a small room off the entryway. Manila’s Best Coffee shop uses locally-produced coffee beans in their drink blends.
Pistachio is “sanguido” pala. They also have Karaleto… carabao milk gelato.

The drink and snack offerings are very affordable.  And! What’s special about this coffee shop is they have drink choices like Caramel Otap, Chocolate Lakatan, and Spicy Chocolate Labuyo, which will make you smile and want to try something different other than your usual coffee fix.  They also have local snack selections like puto, maja blanca, and bico, and even carabao milk soft-serve gelato. Cool, right?

Pastry and sweets selections on display
Their brookie: brownie with a piece of a cookie on top
My friend ordered the red velvet and I had the caramel otap drink.
The big brookie called out to me so I got one for us to share. 

I’m not really raving about my drink in terms of it being robust or velvety, but it was something different and a welcome change from what I usually order.  It was a tad sweeter than what I was expecting, but I’ve got a sweet tooth so that sits well with me. The brookie we ordered was just so-so in taste, but relatively bigger in size than those served in other coffee shops. Note though that if you plan to do some work here, come with your power banks or fully-charged batteries since there no sockets for you to plug into.

I’ll probably come back for the novelty of the drink and snack offerings, or if I want something a little different from my usual coffee shop experience.

Oh, and Madison Galeries is right in front of the new cathedral-like Sacred Heart of Jesus church. I haven’t been inside this church, but it looks really big.  The brick walls make it seem like it’s been there forever, when in fact it only started construction in 2011.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in front of Madison Galeries, Alabang Hills

I’ll ask the hubby to take us here so we can explore the other restos and shops soon. 

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