A Stacy’s Celebration: The Princess’ 6th Birthday Party

“Mama, have you written about my birthday at Stacy’s in MommySOM yet?”

“Not yet, darling. Mama still has work to finish before I can blog..”

“Awww, I want you to write about it na, Mama! Pleeease! It was such a FUN day! Thank you, Mama and Papa, for my party! It was perfect! It was the BEST.BIRTHDAY.PARTY.EVER.!”

“Naks. Sige na nga, anak!  Mama will write about it na.”

The Princess doesn’t have a party every birthday. In fact, the last birthday party we had for her was in Jollibee when she turned 3, three years ago. And except for her 1st Birthday Party, our only guests aside from family are her godparents and a handful of other close friends.


The hubby and I talked about not wanting our kids to always expect something big for their birthday parties.  So how do we celebrate her birthday every year?  Well, since her birthday falls near Halloween, what we usually do is take a day off from work, take her out and go on a Trick or Treat activity during the day, then have dinner with the (extended) family at home.

But this year was different… she turned six. (Sigh.) She gets invited to birthday parties, baptisms, and other events so I know she’s old enough to recognize big celebrations. Against my better judgement, I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday. I was kinda dreading she would say she wanted a big party with all the trimmings. But what she said was that she wanted to have a small “tea party”, that she wanted it somewhere “girly”, with “nice food and cupcakes”.

“Anak, we talked about no friends and classmates sa birthday, diba? Maybe on your 7th Birthday, if we have enough money for it, we can invite a few friends na.”

“Yes Mama, I know no friends and classmates and just family. But can my cousins come, pleaassee?”

“Yes of course we can invite the cousins, family yun eh. Sige anak, Papa and I will talk about it.  I’ll see where ha.”


Tea Party. Girly. Good food and cupcakes. Cousins and family only. Yun naman pala eh… ok sige, pwede naman yata ito.

I admit: Only one venue came to mind considering the criteria.  So, after inquiring and then finalizing with the hubby, I asked the Princess if she wanted her party to be at Stacy’s.

Syempre, a whooping: “YESSS PLEASE!!!!”

Stacy’s took care of all the preps. We finalized everything through email and a few texts, we settled the reservation and then the downpayment, and we were good to go.

Here are the top 5 reasons why the Princess’ 6th Birthday party at Stacy’s BGC was perfect for me:

  1. The Location

Nestled just off the Burgos Circle in BGC, Stacy’s is conveniently accessible for those coming from the north and south. It’s also a few steps away from an open parking lot, and just a few blocks from the shops of Boni High Street. Location: Check.

  1. The Venue and Styling.

One very popular style and theme for little girl parties right now is “shabby chic”. So what exactly is “shabby chic” ba?


Shabby chic ba ang gusto? No need to hire a stylist or buy decorations to get a shabby chic party theme for your little girl. Just book at Stacy’s and you won’t need to spend a centavo to decorate!

The Princess just told them she wanted blue and yellow (her favorite colors), and the very adept and helpful Stacy’s lady Melai suggested that throwing in pink would look good too. Then she asked me about other details I wanted (birthday banner, flower or balloon centerpieces, etc), and that was it.  I told Melai no more add-ons or extra frills. I just wanted the vibe to be bright and cheerful, to match the personality of the birthday girl.  No program host or games, just the Princess blowing the candle on her birthday cake and maybe singing a song for the family.

And the place was just perfect!  Here let me show you:

Expanse of the party area. We occupied the whole second floor, which was just right for our family’s headcount.



This über cute area was a favorite photo spot of the whole family.

Everyone was raving about how cute the place was.  The Princess kept gushing about her party place!  Let me just say that everything (including the flower centerpieces and doilies, crepe pompoms, top window skirts, placemats and table runners) was from Stacy’s and is included in their celebrations package.  Really, the only thing I brought to the Princess’ party was the candle for her cake.

Version 2
My only contribution: the No. 6 tiara candle!
  1. The Food.

Another thing everyone was raving about was the food. We opted for the following menu: Classic Ceasar Salad with Grilled Chicken, Tuna Melt Canapes, Texas BBQ Ribs, Potato Chip Fried Chicken, Spaghetti with Meatballs, and Steamed White Rice. The cupcakes came with the package, and we added on a red velvet bunting cake as the birthday cake. Everything was sooo good and everyone had a different favorite dish. The red velvet cake was also sooo yummy!

The “tea party” of the Princess was more of an “Iced Tea” party since she doesn’t drink tea anyway.  So, the guests got to choose which Iced Tea they wanted. Some got the green iced tea, others got the raspberry, and some got the lemon. The assorted drink choices added extra pops of color to every table.

Version 2
We’re all big eaters, and everyone had happy tummies!

I also ordered the Merry Mix mugs as pica-pica, which even the adults loved to munch on!

Popcorn, frosted biscuits, pretzels, mallows.  What a merry mix indeed!

Oh, and in lieu of a lootbag, the Princess gave each of the kids a milkshake card which I DIY’d. The cousins love icecream and they all really enjoyed their milkshakes!


The eldest of the Princess’ cousins, doodling while enjoying her milkshake
  1. The Intimate Space.

The smiles, laughter, togetherness, and happy tummies of my family filled the entire second floor of Stacy’s BGC that day.  Stacy’s was just right for our headcount of about 40 (yes, that’s family only!). The cake/dessert table and the desk which served as the gifts table were exactly where I would have requested them to be.  Restroom and buffet table were easily accessible and there was appropriate in-house music playing in the background. Everyone had such a grand time!

Version 2
Blowing her birthday candle

The hubby with the Princess’ baby cousin. Naku, never underestimate the strength of the little ones..she almost brought that whole chandelier down!

The Princess thanking everyone for being there

And singing everyone a song, by special request of the grandfolks!

The Baby Ball with a cutie patootie cousin, who changed outfits after the party to go to a Halloween event.

Enjoying the playset on the ground floor before heading home.

Oh, and there was a cute low table where the Princess and her 4-year-old cousin decided to eat together, while being within arms reach of the moms. Instant kiddie table!

Yummy! And those iced teas added pops of color to the table too.
  1. The Service.

The Stacy’s ladies are awesome.  I finalized contract and pricing with Penny via email, who was quick to respond to my queries and requests. And the other co-owner, Angelique, was there on the day of the party to welcome us and make sure everything was set.

Melai and her team of ladies were all very attentive, and were very maasikaso without being intrusive. They all seemed very genuine in making sure we all enjoyed the party and were quick to respond to our requests.  They also had quick reflexes for the little ones, who were running around and climbing on everything (especially the Baby Ball!).

My Baby Ball/ Spiderman..climbs on anything!
So summing it all up: Yes, I am definitely raving about this party.  I can say that each side of our family is closely knit. But when birthdays or other special occasions fall on weekdays, or when there’s conflict with other important obligations of other family members, it’s difficult to find a common, convenient time for everyone.

I want my kids to grow up knowing that both Mama’s and Papa’s sides of the family are just that: parts of one big family.  So, I always treasure the opportunities when both sides can come together, share an intimate meal, and celebrate the blessings of family. The Princess’ birthday was one of those times, and I’m so happy we decided to celebrate at Stacy’s!

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