DIY Toy Sets For Our Not-So-Young Kids

During the week-long school break of the Princess last month, I was looking for things for her to do at home that (1) would not mean we had to go out and spend, (2) would be fun, safe, and educational for her, and (3) would not mean she had to use the TV or mobile device.

Enter these cool DIY toysets she received as gifts for her birthday!

Note: And since it’s December, these are good options as Christmas gifts for the kids, too!

The Princess loved all of her gifts (she had a wishlist at the request of the grandfolks, Titos and Titas).  But it was also fortunate that she received some DIY sets to keep her busy during the school break.  One of the sets she made with me, and the other she made with her Papa, and the other she was able to do all by herself.

  1. My Little Pony 3D DIY Assembly: Sweet Applejack Party

We did this one together. It consisted of 146 pieces of paper board which you had to pop out (it comes with a small “push out” stick to make popping out easier), then fold, then attach to each other to make the shapes/elements you see on the box cover. The Princess surprisingly was very adept at popping the parts out, but left me to do the actual assembly. She was very excited though about giving me directions, and made sure it looked exactly like the photo of the assembled pieces in the instruction manual.

Box of the 3D DIY Assembly

The Princess busy popping out the pieces for assembly. 

Playing with the assembled parts of Applejack’s Party, with all the other ponies as paper board figures too!

She had a lot of fun afterwards playing with the set, which can be compared to a DIY paper board/ paper craft dollhouse (in this case, it’s more of a barnyard picnic than a house).  The Princess even brought in some of her other toys to Applejack’s party!

2.  GALT First Pottery Set

This one she did with the hubby.  Initially the hubby thought that it would be as simple as painting clay pots or figurines, but no… you had to mix the clay and mold it, let it dry, then paint it!  The Princess was so excited to open this, but then decided that it was more fun to watch Papa form and mold the clay and just wait for it to dry so she can paint it. Hehe, I think the hubby got more than what he bargained for.

Box of the First Pottery set

These are the contents of the box. The clay did dry up relatively fast, but the paint took quite a while to dry up. Make sure you have a spacious work area for this. I’d suggest to wear old shirts or work aprons too.


Setting the figure to dry

The Princess had fun watching her Papa work on the molding

Viola! Paint done by the Princess

We still have a lot of clay mix and paint left over, and the Princess wants to make the other items you see on the box, but the hubby said that he still needs a break from the molding.  Or, in the meantime, I think I’ll just “save” the hubby and get ceramic paint-it-yourself items for the Princess so he can extend his break from clay molding a bit.

3. SMARTY Clay Modelling for Kids (volumes 1 and 2)

The Princess also received two instruction books of clay modelling for kids, along with some more clay.  She still has a lot of clay here at home, so she had a lot of fun using up the clay and forming new shapes from these books. The items are fairly simple to make, so they’re perfect for the kids to do by themselves.  The Princess was very proud when she showed us her finished creations.


Bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast, anyone?
I’m very happy that these toy sets occupied my 6 year old’s time, developed her patience and perseverance, gave her something to be proud of when she was done, and enhanced her creative side too (and ours as well!).

Have a good week ahead, everyone!

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