Christmastime at Molito Complex, Alabang

On the rare occurrence that the hubby was home one weekday, the Princess timidly asked her Papa if we could go out “somewhere” since there wasn’t any school the following day. The hubby looked at me and seeing that it was late (this conversation was already during dinner), I was racking my brain for where to possibly take the kids.  The night bazaars were  out of the question if we were bringing the Baby Ball, and I wanted to take them somewhere where they could start enjoying the Christmas season. Aha! Let’s take them to Molito!

I’ve already written about how my family enjoys a weekend trip to the Molito Complex in Alabang here, but now that it’s Christmastime, the cool December air and the gigantic Christmas tree makes a night out at Molito even more enchanting for the kids and kids-at-heart!

Simple joys. My kids just loved running and running around this big Christmas Tree
And running and running and running some more
But even more than running around that tree, the kids were mesmerized by the fountains!

Baby Ball: Ate! Wait for me!
I’ve already mentioned how my kids love playing in the fountains of Molito. But look how magical the water fountains look when they light up at nighttime! The kids just had to play with the water!

The Princess raising her hands, pretending she could control the water. Cute!!
Princess… sit properly!
At first the Baby Ball wasn’t going near the water and was just watching Ate
Uy, tapang na…
Walking closer and closer to the water..
Naku…bouncing na! Excited na!
Whoa, now he’s really excited!
The kids stayed at the fountains for quite awhile and didn’t want to leave, as expected.  Except for her shoes, the Princess stayed relatively dry, but the Baby Ball was already really wet so we had to change his clothes.  On the way back to the parking lot, we came across this unusual kiosk.. a kinda “Share a Book” kiosk, called The Book Stop.

The Princess saying “Wow!” when seeing all the books
“Give a Book, Get a Book”
House Rules of The Book Stop
Note from the Book Stop Team
This is already the entirety of The Book Stop, which is nearer the Puregold of the Molito Complex.
The Princess and I wanted to stay and look through the books, but hubby was worried the Baby Ball would catch cold even after his clothes change, so we decided to explore the kiosk another day and head on home to give the kids a bath.  We thought they would be really tired, but they actually were too excited to go to sleep when we got home. I think they finally fell asleep about an hour after we were able to get them into bed!

So if you’re looking for a nice, park-like place to take the kids in the Alabang area where they can just run around and play, you might want to check out Molito, especially at night. We’re actually planning on taking them again this weekend to make the most out of the cool December air and that giant Christmas Tree.  Just make sure to bring them a change of clothes (and shoes!).

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