Taking a break at Caffe Pascucci in Glorietta 2, Makati

Caffe Pascucci
G/F Glorietta 2 (outside the mall)
Along Palm Drive, Makati CBD

Stationed away from the hustle and bustle of the shopping scene in the Glorietta complex is an edgy Itallian coffee shop called Caffe Pascucci. I was skeptical when I first tried it, but it has become another “workmode” place for me in-between meetings in the area, or a haven when I need to take a break from shopping errands.

Caffe Pascucci is an Italian coffee house chain with stores in Italy, Korea, USA, Japan, Egypt, Malaysia, and now the Philippines (Glorietta and Robinson’s Galleria East). The Glorietta branch houses two floors, with outdoor seating on the ground floor along Palm Drive.

Counter on the ground floor.
Some desserts, sandwich offerings, and bottled beverages on display.
I’ve been here several times and another thing I appreciate about it is that not only is it a relatively quiet place for downtime right in the shopping hub of Makati, but that it’s not too crowded. Most of the indoor seating is on the second floor.

Most of the other customers on this particular day were on the “reserved” area, a glass-enclosed space with a long meeting table (sorry, I forgot to take a photo) off to the left side of this photo. I’ve seen quite a few groups occupy that space for work meetings.
I chose a table against the wall since I needed to plug in.
The walls on the second floor illustrate their coffee origins in a slightly eccentric way.
Their food offerings are mostly snack items of breads, savory pastries and cakes.  Here’s their drink menu for reference.

Hot coffee offerings
Cold coffee drinks
Chocolate-based and sorbet drinks
Non-coffee and non-chocolate drinks
My favorite hot drink here is the paspuccio, while I go with the frappo confuso if I want something cold (my choices are really no-brainers for me since I tend to go with anything caramel).

Paspuccio: espresso, foamed milk, pas-ciok powder, caramel topping.
Frapo confuso: espresso, milk, ice, cane sugar, confuso cream, caramel topping, amaretti.
Even their menu cover design is quirky. Take a feel of their paper napkins.. so… paper-y!

Seating is comfy, but I wouldn’t suggest long periods of reading a book here since the lights are dim. They have wifi, though I opt to use my own when I’m here. There are also sockets to plug into.

It’s something to try when you’re in the area and are looking to rest your weary feet with a cuppa. Overall, it’s a good place for me to spend an hour or two to catch up on work, or just to take a breather from Ayala Center’s lively and hurried atmosphere.


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