What’s in store for 2017?

On a more personal note, I’ve experienced several milestones in 2016 which led me to thinking: What’s in store for me in 2017?  Well, since one highlight of 2017 was being able to start MommySOM, I figure I should kick off the blog this year on a high and hopeful note.  The past year sure had a lot of challenges, but here’s what I am most thankful for in 2016 and what I pray 2017 will bring.

One of the principles I work with in my professional life is the “Whole Person Paradigm” of Franklin Covey.


In a nutshell, it states that we are all four-dimensional: body, heart, mind and spirit. So, what do I want 2017 to bring to nurture my body, heart, mind and spirit?



For the past few years, I’ve been blessed to be able to focus more on my kids by having flexible work arrangements and not needing to work full-time. We are lucky to have amazing extended family on both sides, and I’m thankful I was able to devote time to being a wife, daughter, granddaughter, sister, cousin, tita and niece. We were also able to take some great family staycations and trips near home, but this year, it would be awesome if we can take a family trip somewhere a little farther. I know traveling with small kids will not be an easy feat, but I feel my kids (and my sanity) are ready for a short trip away from our usual road trips. Fingers crossed that budget, health, and schedule will all fall into place this year. And as always, my family’s daily prayers are for health and protection for the whole family.



It’s been awesome being able to spend time with friends! I’m used to being in big groups at work, but when I bond with friends, it’s usually for one-on-one catch-up sessions or in groups of maybe around 6 at the most.  The hubby and I like having friends over at our home too, and I’d like to do more of that this year.



Hay this is the aspect I’ve been dreading. I think I’m still relatively healthy since I’m on the go, but truthfully, I’m due for a physical exam which I’ve been putting off (I know, I know). And I really should start a fitness regimen this year. Time to accept that window shopping or running after the Baby Ball is not legit exercise.  Oh, and maybe start eating healthier too… even just in small, baby steps.



I’ve set it upon myself to pick up the pace a bit as far as work is concerned. I figure that since the Baby Ball will be starting school this year (and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll have a yaya), I can afford to be more aggressive in taking work engagements. I’m venturing into new avenues for work-related opportunities and I’m hopeful that these will mean more resources for the family, while still being a part-time career woman and a full-time family girl.

Church and Community


One of the Princess’ lessons in school is to share Time, Talent and Treasure to the church and community. The hubby and I try to teach her this by being involved as a family when we share our time, talent and treasure in our parish ministry. It really is a blessing to see this rubbing off on the Princess, that even at a young age she sees the value of being actively part of the parish community, even without us explicitly saying she should. It’s awesome that while our family’s ministry has helped us strengthen and practice our Faith, it has also led us to know such talented and devoted people.  I am thankful for this blessing and pray we can continue serving this way.

Whew. I can’t remember the last time I had myself actually document anything I can remotely refer to as “New Years Resolutions”.  How about you?  Hmm, let’s just call this “What’s in Store for 2017” instead.. has a nicer ring to it.  But I have to admit, writing it down does make things feel more “real”, doesn’t it?

So, 2017.. here we come!

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