Ribs and Chops at Morganfield’s in Uptown Place Mall, BGC

2/F Uptown Place Mall
36th corner 9th Street
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
T: 975-5700 / 0977-803-6347

The hubby usually pigs out when we eat out.  What I mean is, his orders usually just vary between pork ribs, pork chops, pork loin, or whatever else pork.  So when I heard about this place that opened up in Uptown Place Mall in BGC which declared they have the “Best Ribs in Town”, I just had to bring the fambam there so that hubby could judge for himself.

We don’t usually frequent Uptown Place Mall when we’re in BGC, so we had a little bit of difficulty finding Morganfield’s. It’s actually located in the al fresco dining area on the second floor of Uptown Place Mall (Tip: Uptown Place Mall is directly across Uptown Parade).

Facade of Morganfield’s. There’s an al fresco seating area, and an indoor dining area.

The Baby Ball had lots of room to run around in the al fresco area, but we decided to dine indoors. Upon entering, we were surprised to see that it was already full (it wasn’t even noon!). But we were lucky enough to get a table right away.

Full house!
No-nonsense ventilation
This sign near where we were seated got me excited.
Their menu is quite extensive, which you can find here.  After several minutes of looking over the menu, we finally gave our orders. Kudos by the way to the servers here: they were very attentive and pleasant in the midst of all the business of the crowded restaurant, plus we had lots of questions since a lot looked so tempting!

After placing our orders, our server immediately put bibs on us (even the kids!), I assume to protect our clothes from all our (expected) pigging out. Cute!!

I only noticed while uploading the photos that the statements on the bibs were different. Hubby’s: Pork, it’s the meat of kings! Princess’: Busy eating, please do not disturb!
But on to the meat (pun intended!) of this post. These were our orders.

Hickory Smoked BBQ Spare Ribs (half slab): the hubby’s order. From the menu: The most tender succulent and hearty pork ribs in town! Slow cooked with hickory smoke, grilled & basted with Hickory BBQ sauce. Served with crispy french fries and coleslaw.
The ribs were indeed tender, saucy and the melt-in-your-mouth kind. The meat wasn’t dry as what sometimes happens when we order ribs (which is why you tend to dose it in sauce). In this case, no extra sauce necessary.  Oh, and the Princess even asked for more when hubby gave her a taste. We should have gotten a whole slab if we’d known the Princess would like it!

Pork Ham Chops: my order. From the menu: Succulent pork loin ham chops grilled to perfection and drizzled with Morgan’s House Gravy & cranberry sauce. Served with red skin mashed potatoes & garden veggies.
I usually order chicken, but I figured being at Morganfield’s called for me to pig out.  These ham slabs were juicy, saucy, savory and went well with the sides. I shared with the hubby, which was good since the Princess started wolfing down his ribs.

We ordered an extra side of grilled corn on the cob, which seemed to be a fave of the Baby Ball a few weeks back.
We also ordered Chicken Tenders for the Princess, which she also polished off right away. (Sidebar: Since kids 7 years old and below dine for free on the weekends when your bill reaches a certain amount, we got her meal for free!)

We ended the meal with an order of the Bread Pudding, and coffee for the hubby and me. The sauce of the bread pudding was sweet, and the pudding was warm, dense, and buttery. Plus, there was ice-cream on top, so needless to say that made the kids happy with this one.

Bread Pudding. Served warm with premium vanilla ice cream.
There are many things I’d still like to try from that extensive menu. So, did the hubby think that Morganfield’s has the best ribs in town? Honestly, I forgot to ask him. But nevertheless, I remember that after we polished off our mains, he sat back, sipped his coffee, and said, “Good choice, B. Good choice.”

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