Always a FilMex Fiesta at Silantro, ATC Corporate Center, Alabang

Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina
Ground Floor, ATC Corporate Center,
Alabang, Muntinlupa City

One fine day while we were at my parents’, my brother brought home what looked to be remnants of nachos and a gigantic burger. “It’s from that new place sa may Sykes Building, Ate,” my bro said.  Not being one to turn down food, I readily sampled the almost-unrecognizable burger (being tousled around in a take-out box usually does that). I’m not really a burger gal, but my eyes grew wide and I had to ask again where this delicious thing came from.

I’ve never heard of Silantro, but I quickly got educated by my siblings that it’s a foodie legend up north, now and finally down south. “Laging puno dun, Ate..”. Well… let’s see, I thought. I’ve always had a soft spot for Mexican and Southwestern flavors (I can’t quite place it but I’m guessing it’s the use of herbs and spices for that tangy kind of savory), and I quickly decided to try the resto pronto.

So sometime later… the hubby finished some tests in Asian Hospital, and I went to pick him up. Since he had fasted the night before plus he had tried to “eat healthily” the past couple of days for his physical, I knew he’d be more than ready for some real food.  We were both famished, and I suggested we try Silantro, that “new” place near ATC for some real pigging-out grub. He readily agreed, and off we went.

It was almost full with a lunch crowd, and at 2pm on a weekday! I can just imagine how this place gets on a weekend.

Woohoo! Good things are coming!

Colorful window shutters decorate the high ceiling.
The tables here are either for two or four, or long tables for sharing. This was our table, and our table-mates had just left. Those empty seats were quickly filled up again by other hungry diners.
We decided to order nachos as our appetizer, and I tell you this: I hereby declare this to be, hands-down, my current fave nachos! Crisp nacho chips with super generous portions of soft and tender beef cubes (not ground beef!), and lots and lots of yummy red and green chopped tomato in lieu of the usual dripping salsa. And the cheese!! Delicious!

Nachos. Heaven!
Just look at that mountain of goey goodness! 
You’re automatically given a trio of dips when you order.

The green sauce is guaca, avocado, and some other secret ingredients. The one in the middle is their spicy hot sauce, and the white one is a yogurt garlic dip. Take your pick, but really, you don’t need anything else with this plateful of paradise!
I could hardly stop myself from devouring those nachos, but our main order quickly arrived and rivaled with the nachos in terms of which i would polish off first.

My order: Pancholo’s Burger. This photo doesn’t do it justice.. it was BIG! 
And those fries! I thought they were camote fries but the server said they were potatoes. They seemed to have a different, distinct taste and aroma I quite couldn’t figure out. But they were really good and I just had to ask the server. I discovered they added basil to the fries, which are those herbs you see on the photo. Genius! Nag-level up ang fries!

Here’s a closer looked at that jam-packed burger. I was so happy to see more of those yummy, herb-y tomatoes and that oozing cheese!
Hubby’s order of Silantro’s Pork Ribs. This is not your fall-off-the-bone kind, but the kind you have to get your hands dirty with. He enjoyed this almost as much as the nachos.
As always, we didn’t think we would be able to finish it all.. but once again, we did. I even wanted to order another nachos (it was that good!), but I decided to wait for the next time.

And so, I had lunch there again with some of my friends a few days after!  We of course got the nachos and burgers again. Some new items I was able to try were:

Calliente Wings. 
Fried coated wings with sweet and slightly spicy sauce. Wings were big and I really liked the flavor of the sauce, but I would have preferred the sauce to be on the side since it kind of drenched the would-have-been crispy wings. Nevertheless, masarap sya ha! Extra rice, please!

Saucy, not sosy.
Grilled mahi-mahi. I’m not a fan of grilled fish, but my friend who ordered it seemed perfectly content. It also came with corn rice. 
Portions are relatively big and price points are a thumbs-up in my book.  Here’s their menu for reference.



One thing I should mention though, the ambiance and crowd isn’t really meant for small kids, so for now, Silantro will be best for dates with the hubby and get-togethers with friends. But I’ll definitely be back to try their other food offerings. And those nachos?  That, my friends, is the stuff of my dreams.


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