Lunch at the Perfect Pint in Molito Complex, Alabang

The Perfect Pint
Molito Commercial Complex, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

I’ve never been a beer drinker. So, it’s understandable that I never considered The Perfect Pint in Molito whenever we’d look for a place to eat or hangout.  But one weekday when the hubby and I were looking for a place for lunch in Molito, we found ourselves entering the Perfect Pint. So this is food feature, not a beer one.

Even some light years ago when I was still single and more carefree, I opted for spirits or distilled drinks when the crowd or mood called for it.  Now that I’m older, wine is mostly my alcoholic beverage of choice (never when the kids are with me, of course). So when we went here, we really weren’t looking for beer.. we were looking for food.

My shades photobombing in the photo. It was really hot out.

We were promptly seated and offered the menu.  Their food menu offers both the classics and items which are not exactly the usual pub culprits.  Think your typical pulutan or pub dishes but with a quirky twist. Each dish on the menu also offers a suggested beer pairing for the complete “Perfect Pint” experience.

Pizzas, Pastas and Burgers.
Appetizers. I was debating whether or not to get a Heap of Bacon, but decided to leave that for next time when I’ll get a drink to go with it.
Caramel S’mores!! Now I KNOW I have to go back!
Lunch specials, which are offered only from 11am-3pm. Yey, we were in luck!

The relaxed and “chill-out” interiors were Instagram-worthy too.

Industrial minimalist, but the layout doesn’t make you feel that the place is too crowded. No stuffy atmosphere here.
Lots of captions on the walls beneath the high ceilings.
Hehe, seems I didn’t need to ask the bartender for permission when I took the shots.
Bar Area
And an illustration of their brewing process right next to the bar

They brew their own beer on-site, thus earning the title of being a “brew-pub”.

Brewery on the second floor, where more seating is. Kuya in the brewing room seemed ready to take me on a tour inside. Next time na Kuya, gutom na ako hehe.
Beer barrels at the foot of the stairs leading to the second floor.

While waiting for our orders and while I took photos, the hubby busied himself with the “Find your Perfect Beer” map printed on the placemat.

I forgot to ask him what beer the pub suggests for him. He seemed amused with this placemat though and kept on going through the different paths in the flowchart.
Interesting, unconventional names for brews. I think the hubby already found a few he wants to try.
Being a non-beer drinker, this would probably be my drink menu of choice for date night
Wines and more beer.

When our lunch came we eagerly gobbled it up (we were really famished, having skipped breakfast for errands that day!), but I was able to halt the hubby awhile to take a few food shots.

Hubby’s order of wagyu steak and egg. We asked for the eggs to be well done.
Beef was tender, flavorful and soft to the bite.
My lunch order special of pork binagoongan with kare-kare rice.
The binagoongan was good with that salty flavor I love, and you can really taste the kare-kare flavor of the rice. O diba, I usually mix the kare-kare sauce in my white rice.. dito, they did it for me na.

And hey, food was good!  We polished everything off in record time.  I enjoyed lunch here, and their lunch specials are sulit, ha!  I’ll be back to try the other food items, and maybe a cocktail or two with that Heap of Bacon on a date night next time.


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