“Instant” Brewed Drip Coffee: from UCC, Seattle’s Best and Organic Harvest

Do you want to have brewed coffee at home, but don’t want the hassle of finding a place to grind your coffee beans, or having to consume that bag of freshly ground coffee by a certain date lest it turn stale? Do you want freshly brewed coffee by the cup, whenever and wherever you fancy, in almost the same amount of time it takes you to make a 3-in-1? Well then, read on! Introducing: “instant” brewed coffee, by the cup!

I get up before anyone else at home (I think almost all mothers are the same!), and the one thing that must start my day is my cup of coffee. I’ve taken to the daily routine of drinking my morning coffee while enjoying my “me” quiet time.  After I enjoy my cup in peace and quiet, I wake up the hubby with his cup of coffee, and the kids with their cups of milk, and we all enjoy a little bonding time, and then chaos commences because I have to hustle everyone to get ready for the day ahead.

For me this is soooo true!

Truth be told, I’ve been a Kopiko Brown Coffee girl ever since I discovered it, even bringing sachets to my training and speaking engagements, just in case I can’t find a good coffee fix on-site.

My husband, on the other hand, prefers brewed coffee, and doesn’t drink instant.  We have a coffee maker at home, and a coffee press too. But with the exception of brewing pots of coffee at our home get-togethers with family and friends, I honestly don’t want to go through all of these things to give the hubby his everyday coffee fix at home:

(1) Buying good quality coffee beans.

The quality of the bean largely determines the quality of the coffee. We try several sources of coffee beans – from the famous coffee chains to the beans we get from Batangas, Cavite and Tagaytay.


(2) Finding a place to grind the coffee beans.

Unless you have them ground when you buy them at a coffee shop, you’ll have to go back or find another place to grind your beans (we don’t have a coffee grinder at home).

(3) Setting up the coffee machine with fresh filters and water and beans.

In the morning, when you have to get three people (aside from yourself ito, ha!) to move and get ready for whatever activities they have for the day, PLUS prepare whatever they need to bring for those activities, you want to get things done in the easiest, fastest way.

(4) Making sure that your brewed coffee and ground beans don’t go to waste.

Meaning, dapat exacto ka mag-brew, and you have to consume that bag of ground coffee beans ASAP. Here’s a guideline I found from lifehacker.com:


More information about brewing coffee at home in the Starbucks’ website here.

So, I was super happy to discover that there is instant drip coffee, which is almost as easy to make as my 3-in-1!  The easiest for us to buy are the UCC variants, which I pick up from the aisle during my grocery shopping. The hubby has tried the Sumiyaki, Classic, and French Roast blends of UCC, and he prefers the French Roast and the Sumiyaki ones, so these are the ones I get.

UCC’s French Roast blend (blue color on box and sachet)
UCC’s Sumiyaki blend (red color on box and sachet)

Here are the four steps in preparing that delightful, robust, aromatic cup :

Let me walk you through:

Get the bag inside the sachet. Each bag is good for a one-time cup. I’ve tried re-using for a second cup and the taste is bleh, so don’t.
Tear open along the perforated lines as shown.
Place the bag on the cup using the side handles, as shown. Make sure the top is open enough for you to pour the water into.
You can really get a whiff of that intoxicating aroma of freshly ground coffee beans.
Pour hot water into the bag, with care that the water doesn’t overflow from the top. You’ll have to do this a bit slowly as it takes time for the water to seep through the sides and the bottom. In my case, I do this straight from our hot water dispenser.


Instant drip coffee from my ground coffee beans!

Viola! The hubby can enjoy his cup with me prep’ing it in under 5 minutes! And nothing goes to waste as I can make it by the cup. Yey!

Here are the other brands we stock up on at home, largely because it’s convenient to buy them. The process of preparing is the same.

SBC Coffees, which we get from a nearby SBC.


Organic Harvest, which we get at a pasalubong section of a nearby restaurant.

Have you tried the “instant” brewed coffees by the cup? Are there other brands you can recommend?

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