Cooling off at Coolato Gelato, SM City BF Parañaque

Coolato Artisan Gelato
Level 3, SM City BF Parañaque
Dr. A. Santos Avenue, Parañaque

After a few shopping errands and a carb-loading pasta and pizza dinner on a Sunday night, I gave marching orders to the Hubby, the Princess, and the Baby Ball (who will soon be a baby no more!) that mall time was over and we should head on home. On the way to the parking lot, I stopped in my tracks when I saw this new gelato shop.  So sorry guys, change of plans: Mag-ice-cream muna tayo!

Summer na talaga, and ang init na, grabe! But!! One of the perks of the hot weather is that it’s always a good reason to cool off… with ice-cream, yey!

Gelato flavors
I ordered the Sea Salt Caramel Ripple for the Baby Ball and me, the Princess got the Cookie Butter Crunch, and the Hubby opted for an order of Coffee Explosion.

The Princess read this off the wall and said, “Mama, this is so true, diba?”                                    Haayy. I sigh. She’s indeed a girl after my own heart.
The Princess and I busied ourselves watching the guys behind the counter prepare our gelato orders. And they really did prepare the gelato right there and then! As in “made to order” talaga!

So what they do is they spread the liquid cream, and whatever else ingredients are needed to make your order, onto this flat surface that is -15deg.  Then they mix, spread, scrape… mix, spread, scrape… and repeat the process until the ice-cream is the desired consistency.

Making my sea salt caramel ripple. The guys behind the counter said that the temp of the surface is enough to freeze your fingers.

Scraping off 

Spread and scrape. Repeat several times.

This is what it looked like after the last repeat.

After placing it in a cup and drizzling it with caramel sauce and sprinkling it with sea salt. Viola! My handcrafted artisan Coolato gelato!

This was the Princess’ order of Cookie Butter Crunch. That’s a crushed Lotus cookie butter biscuit on top.
And what were the Hubby and the Baby Ball doing while we watched? Hay naku, they were goofing around on the couch, as usual.

        Hubby: Ohhhh… you’re so cute…. cutie-cutie… !                                                     Baby Ball: Papa ikaw rin… you’re so cute!! 
And how did our gelato fare? Masarap!  Very creamy and velvety.  I especially loved the caramel and salt sprinkle on top of mine. The Princess’ order was good too, and the Hubby’s really tasted like a frozen espresso.. but you know, I gotta have my caramel. 🙂

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