And it’s Another Story in Evia Lifestyle Center, Daang Hari

Another Story
2nd Level, Building B
Evia Lifestyle Center, Daang-hari

Since discovering the new Evia Lifestyle Center sometime last year (see post here) I’ve been meaning to try this new concept restaurant that always catches my eye whenever we’re there. Luckily, lunch time came upon us while scouting for a place to celebrate the Baby Ball’s birthday, and we were able to step into Another Story.

The place itself is honestly, quite visually stunning. The charm it exudes comes from a mix of all the interesting and seemingly uncoordinated objects which remarkably come together to make it seem like you stepped into the pages of a storybook. I actually felt like I was going inside the house of Mr. Tumnus (the faun from “The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe”) to have tea, but that his house had recently undergone an episode of The Great Interior Design Challenge.. that sort of thing. Oh OK, I know: think Mr. Tumnus house meets Café Juanita.

Tea time with Mr. Tumnus

Anyway, I’ll let the photos speak more about what I mean.

Bar area that greets you at the foyer of the restaurant…
…which is right next to this cake display.
Even the bar display area is a setting for the elaborate decor. 

You can see the eclectic and rustic tones in the way they use mismatched patterns and colors in their table settings and dining sets, and the seemingly carefully curated items put together to give out that storybook vibe.

I was instantly drawn to this fuchsia sofa, but it had a reserved sign when we came so we sat at another table. Good thing it was still vacant when we were leaving and I was able to get a photo.
This is the view from where we were seated. It took me a few minutes to soak everything in before I was ready to look at the menu.
They also have a simulated al fresco area outside the restaurant which can be turned into a pseudo-function area. It seems perfect for intimate get-togethers for groups up to around 40. 
View of the inside of the restaurant from the “pseudo” al fresco area.
And the view of Evia’s atrium.

Here’s the menu (taken from zomato) for reference.


The Hubby decided on the Baby Back Ribs, while I chose the Pork Milanese. We also got a extra side order of potato gratin to share.

Complimentary serving of bread and dip. We decided the rolls were the better pieces.
Our mains which were served after we polished off the complimentary bread.
Baby Back BBQ Ribs with a side of plantain sticks
Pork Milanese with tomato-butter sauce

The food was satisfactory, but quite frankly, was lackluster after the build-up of that ambience. And I don’t know if the service was just off that day, but there were several times during our meal that we had to make a little bit of a ruckus just to get the attention of the serving staff. I mean, you can see from the photos that the restaurant was far from crowded when we went, so I don’t think the staff were especially preoccupied with other customers. Also, I have to mention that we were honestly considering this place for one of our family celebrations, but were a bit put off when the servers seemed to lack knowledge on the menu items and our inquiries on event packages and arrangements. Pity, since the restaurant’s interiors make it seem like a cozy and relaxing place for special family gatherings and celebrations.

I still haven’t tried their desserts, though. I’ll see if the Hubby will be amenable to giving this another try soon. And that’ll be… another story.

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