Magnum Opus Fine Coffees: On Silky Cups and Enjoyable Conversations

Magnum Opus Fine Coffees
2F The Prime Building, 115 Aguirre Avenue
BF Homes, Parañaque
Mobile: 0917 817 3697

You know those cafés that seem to be meant for relaxed conversations about life and love, and don’t seem quite apt for planning sessions or business meetings? Those cafés which are small and cozy, homey, tucked away, and serve reeeally good coffee to boot?  If you can’t quite put your finger on such a place, then head on over to Magnum Opus.

Catching up with a BFF or two with an afternoon at Magnum Opus is always something I look forward to. Magnum Opus literally means “masterpiece” or “great work“, which is what it aims each cup of coffee to be.

 I must warn you though, finding it for the first time’s a bit tricky. It’s not that it’s found deep within the residential streets of the BF Homes suburb, but that it’s located in a building which, quite unexpectedly, has a famous third wave coffee shop as on its second floor.

As of this writing, there’s also a bigasan (rice store), purified water store, laundermat, facial and slimming spa, architect’s office, LBC, construction business office, and a liquor store in the same building.
Simple wooden furniture all around. Indoor space and seating is limited, as well as parking. 
There’s a somewhat bigger al fresco area too. Time and weather seem to have taken their toll on the outdoor furniture. 
The view isn’t much, but strangely enough, the breeze is pretty cool.
One of the things I love about Magnum Opus is the heavenly coffee smell that seems to waft through the room every time the baristas brew a cup.  You can always look forward to your cup being artisan (“maarte”.. joke lang). What I mean is, your cup is always done meticulously and is hand-crafted with that distinctive coffee art.

I’ve noticed that coffee here always seems to taste richer and silkier than any other coffee house I’ve tried, and definitely more than my usual tried-and-tested commercial coffee house chains. By the way, their most famous drink is arguably a rich mocha called the Belgian Heartbreaker, but I’m not really a mocha kinda girl.. unless it’s mocha ice-cream!

That’s my flat white and my friend’s cappuccino.
The food menu is limited, but one thing we can’t help ordering every time is the Insane Monte Cristo, a rich, hearty, sigh-worthy sandwich of ham and cheese on French toast, with a side of jam meant to be poured over it. If you’ve skipped lunch, you will not want to share this.

Half (sorry!) of the Monte Cristo, a really great feel-good sandwich. Trust me. I’d trot over to Magnum Opus just for this.
A closer look at that oozing cheese.
Fair warning: This is not a place with fast service, so you should expect a bit of a wait before being served with your food and drink of choice.

You can really feel that “neighborhood coffee shop” vibe when you see a bicycle in the same photo as your cup of coffee.
Awww.. these cutie Snoopys are adorable!
This caught my eye the last time I was there. I remember a similar jar in the romantic comedy film “Monte Carlo”.
So if you’re not in a hurry and are looking for a place to slow down a bit and relax with a good cup… spending an hour or two at Magnum Opus with good company, a lovely cup of handcrafted love, and that swoon-worthy sandwich will almost definitely do the trick.

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