The Cheesecake Fairy Flutters to Evia Lifestyle Center, Daang Hari

The Cheesecake Fairy
2nd Level, Building B
Evia Lifestyle Center, Daang-hari

The Hubby and I were finishing lunch at a resto in Evia.

Me: Um, can we have dessert? (Sabay smile and bat ng eyelashes)

The Hubby: Sure! Order ka na. Coffee lang ako.

Me: Ah. Well… Diba we saw this new Cheesecake something place near the escalators kanina…

The Hubby: Ahhhh. (With a raised eyebrow) Ok, sige. Basta may coffee sila ha.

Me: Ay sige, never mind, next time nalang.

The Hubby: (Smiling) Sige na, lipat na tayo. (Asks for the bill and then checks his phone)

Me: Hmmm. (thinks in silence for awhile)  No, never mind nalang. Mukhang pricey eh. (With pursed lips naman this time). Wag na muna tayo magdessert today.

The Hubby: (Sighs, and motions to follow-up the bill.) Hay naku. Knowing you, hindi ka matatahimik. Let’s go.

Oh, he knows me so very well. 😊

The Cheesecake Fairy seems like the outdoor garden of Another Story with it’s whimsical and garden-like feel, and is located just few steps away from it. I don’t know if the owners are the same, but if they are, I wouldn’t be surprised.

It’s not in an enclosed space, but rather is just right off the escalator going to the second floor of Building B.
Counter area where you can order and see all the cheesecakes from the Fairy.
The cheesecakes are HUGE! They have some petite sizes on the bottom display.
Some baked bars, cookies and a few breads
They have gelato too. My cousin mentioned masarap daw.
There are some savory offerings as well: sandwiches, salads and pasta. So you can actually have an entire meal here, just don’t miss the dessert!

Seating is limited, but you get to enjoy your food under these hanging flora. As I mentioned, the space is not enclosed, so you’ll have to contend with the music from the mall and banter from the passers-by, which thankfully weren’t disruptive when we were there.

Seating is under a simulated hanging garden.
I like how they used the different lighting color options to make it seem more a casual garden than a made-up events place.

I was a little overwhelmed with the cheesecake selections.  Everything looked so rich and tempting! But I had to go with my staple, so Caramel Cheesecake it is! My hubby ordered his coffee but couldn’t resist ordering a Mango Cheesecake slice for himself as well.

I suggest you get a paper napkin now. Got it?

Ok. So, are you ready to drool?

My Caramel Cheesecake slice
The Hubby’s Mango Cheesecake slice
I’m taking the photos, trying to capture how absolutely PACKED these cheesecakes are. 
Trying another angle.

My hubby was already getting impatient as he wanted to have his dessert and I was still struggling with angles and taking photos. Hmph. Diba ako yung nag-aya magdessert, ha?

He settled for the coffee he ordered while I was taking my cheesecake shots. Which came in this gorgeous porcelain tea set!

Delicate porcelain rose patterns. Such a nice touch!
This is almost too cute. With this tea set and the decor, I felt I was in an English garden having afternoon tea.

So my verdict? The cheesecakes were… heavenly! OMG, I love how rich the thing was! I really think I actually closed my eyes on that first bite!

I do love my caramel, and the caramel syrup was sweet, but not cloying, just the way I like it.  It’s exactly what I expect a caramel cheesecake to be, and that slice hit my craving right on point.  I was too full from lunch to finish that ginormous slice, and I was happy to have a portion wrapped for take-away so I could look forward sneaking in dessert at home.  The Hubby.. hay naku. He enjoyed his mango cheesecake so much he devoured the entire thing. Coffee lang pala gusto mo ha?

The slices may be a bit pricey, but those delicious bites are worth it. So I’ll end this post with these quotes from now one of the top dessert places on my list:

Awwww. 🙂
… because life is always better with a good dessert!


Thank you for fluttering to Evia, Cheesecake Fairy! Here’s to cheesecakes, fairies, magic and love!




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