DIY Cake and Cupcake Toppers (2nd Edition)

For the Ball’s Birthday Thanksgiving this year, I was somewhat undecided for a long time on whether to order a customized cake or just make DIY cake decor again. After canvassing and inquiring from some nearby suppliers, I decided to take time to just DIY the toppers myself since it’s mostly the only thing I’ll prepare for the party anyway!

For the cupcake toppers, I just searched online for cute dinosaur images, pasted them in Microsoft Word, and put a ring around them for easier cutting. I also used scotch tape to attach them to toothpicks, similar to what i did here for the Ball’s birthday last year.

Making the cupcake and cake toppers
The Princess was my assistant. She really enjoyed helping prepare for her brother’s birthday.
I didn’t want a cake bunting this year, so I just opted to print out a paper cake caption, added the “Happy Birthday, ___!” text to the image, and attached it to toothpicks too. I was happy it added height to the cake. (Note: Images modified to exclude name)

Nice din that I found this polka dot number candle, which matched his Dinosaur theme.

IMG_4504 (1)
Cake table set-up
This is what the cake table looked like at the Ball’s lunch party at TGIFriday’s Evia. I bought gold balloon letters for the Ball’s name on the Friday’s birthday banner, and used the silver cupcake stand I got for his birthday last year. Cake and cupcakes were again bought from Ceilin’s Cakehouseone of our family’s trusted cake shops.  We just asked the Friday’s staff for some white platters for the cupcakes.

Up next, my (super overdue!) post on the Ball’s TGIFriday’s Evia celebration!



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