Lots and Lots of Baked Goodies at SnR Alabang

I don’t frequent SnR very often, because (1) I don’t have a membership card, and (2) I really resolved not to to get one because I know I’ll binge on purchases there every time. But before summer was over, I agreed to drive my mom, aunt, and the Princess there so I could stock up on some baon items for school. I was surprised at all the new varieties (new for me) of baked items they had for sale! 

Ang dami na palang baked items sa SnR! I’ve been a fan of their ring cakes, loafs and muffins since dati pa, but I was surprised at all the new cake flavors and designs! Let’s start off with the round cakes.

7″ Rainbow Cake priced at Php439.95

Can you taste “Happy”? This pretty chiffon cake is perfect for the kids and kids at heart, and has a mellow hint of citrus too.
There are Birthday cakes for the kids with owl and teddy bear designs, which come in a chocolate-and-vanilla duo buttercream flavor, priced at Php419.95. Pwede na, right?

Princess: Mama, look at the cute birthday owl!
Princess: And they have a birthday bear too!

For the (ahem) older celebrants, there are the more conventional celebration cake flavors and cake designs.

Chocolate Ecstasy priced at Php459.95.

Vanilla Sprinkle Cake priced at Php569.00

Fruit Creme (Vanilla) Cake priced at Php569.00

Left: 7″ Strawberry Shortcake priced at Php469.95. Right: Strawberry Cheesecake priced at Php559.95

Left: 7″ Mango Shortcake priced at Php459.95 (Ten pesos less than the strawberry shortcake. Mas mahal saguro kasi and strawberries?)  Right: Another Strawberry Cheesecake.

Left: Honey Crunch Cake. Right: Sansrival round cake. Both priced at Php469.95.

Dulce de Leche cake priced at Php469.95.

8″ Naked Peaches Cream Round Cake priced at Php499.00.
Aside from the round cakes, they also have the bigger 8×12 rectangular ones (chocolate, mocha or vanilla) for those gatherings where you need more cake to go ’round.

Rectangular cake designs.

The Princess especially liked the swirls on this Vanilla Cake

Mocha Cake 

Chocolate Cake

More cake designs
And as always, we girls hoarded again on our favorite varieties of their ring cakes, pies, loafs, muffins, croissants, and cookies.

 Great pambaons and pasalubongs for both kids and adults!

Giant muffins for the bigger eaters, and mini muffins for the smaller tummies.

Tempting flavors of ring cakes for under Php350.00! There was a time we almost always had one of these at home. And I love that the containers are reusable too!

Cake-like cookies! Big cookies which you can put messages on, priced at Php699.00. Still a more affordable alternative to the cookie cakes from other famous bakeries, right?

The Princess pointing to the cookie cake design she likes best. Princess: the one with flowers, Mama!

Packs of assorted sugar cookies priced at Php99.95.
Grabe, o diba you really need to control yourself at SnR! They really have loads of baked goodies here, and I appreciate that the SnR baked products are always labelled with a packed date and a “use by” date.

Oh no.. naku, I think I’m already planning my next SnR binge!



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