A Playdate at DreamPlay, City of Dreams Manila

City of Dreams Manila
Asean Avenue cor. Roxas Boulevard
Entertainment City, Parañaque
Tel: 800-8080, 808-0909

One of the playdates the Princess had this summer was at DreamPlay, City of Dreams in Pasay. The first time we went there was on a school field trip, so we had limited time to explore. This time around, however, after an early morning swim and a quick brunch at the Nobu Hotel pool, we practically devoted the entire afternoon to exploring and enjoying DreamPlay.

DreamPlay is not a very big place, and I guess whether or not you find it worth the trip (or the price) will depend on the kind of activities your child likes to do. The Princess isn’t a slide or wall-climbing kinda kid, so she wasn’t really excited for the high slides snaking through the center of DreamPlay, or for the Thread of Enlightenment or the Wall of Destiny. She did enjoy the other attractions though.

Ticket Counter where we paid for our passes and got our wristbands. DreamPlay issues different wristbands depending on the bearer’s age and access.
Some of the sights at the entrance. The kids’ll feel their excitement build up as they see statues of familiar characters all around. 

Make sure you stay at the entrance awhile to take it all in. We had fun lingering here a bit and trying to see if we could guess the movie the different elements came from.
The little girls were excited and since they’ve both been to DreamPlay before, so they knew exactly where they wanted to go to first.
So, let’s step into some of our favorite family-friendly movies, shall we? Here are the things we did at DreamPlay on this playdate, in no particular order:

(Italicized attraction write-ups taken from the DreamPlay official website)

1.Gingy’s Kitchen (Movie: Shrek): At Gingy’s Kitchen, you’ll learn how to make a gingerbread man from Gingy himself!

Here, the kids’ll get to make, decorate, and eat their own gingerbread cookies! This is one of the highlights of a DreamPlay trip for the Princess. She really enjoys kneading the dough and decorating the (pre-baked already) cookie. And I really enjoy eating it!

Entrance to Gingy’s Kitchen. We moms waited with coffee outside while the girls made their cookies.
The Princess’ Gingerbread cookie creation. Masarap din ha!
As we learned from our first time in DreamPlay, it’s best to sign up at Gingy’s Kitchen first to secure a slot for the next available batch, then just go to the other attractions and come back when it’s time. The batches do get filled up pretty fast.  The girls enjoyed this a lot. Buti nga the Princess let me have a taste of her gingerbread angel.

2. Afro Circus FurPower (Movie: Madagascar): Dive into a world of foam and fun as you join the Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria in this amazing multi-level play area.


There are several “canons” strewn around the area where furballs are shot out. They can be a bit loud and surprising for the smaller ones who are still timidly deciding whether to go in.
Socks only here, and there is a 100cm height requirement.
Some of the kids were busy firing the furballs around the playarea.
The Princess was a little apprehensive at first at all the loud blasts, but eventually got the hang of it and started exploring the other levels of the play area, and even experimented with the other canons.
If I had brought the Ball here, I do believe this is one attraction he would have enjoyed since it’s like one big play place.

3. Whatever Floats Your Boat (Movie: Madagascar): The Penguins of Madagascar need your help to create a sound seafaring vessel! Joining Skipper, Private, Rico, and Kowalski on their next operation, you will not only assemble your very own boat, you’ll also sail it down river! But be careful! There just may be a few obstacles along the way.

The girls spent some time here while waiting for their batch at Gingy’s


Build and Float
The girls had fun drawing on and decorating their sails.
Woohoo and off they go! As the boats go through the course, you (or others) can opt to put obstacles along the way, like a strong current or a sudden gust of wind.
You have to return your boat parts but can keep the sail if you want to
So the gist is the kids basically “build “their boast and then the boats race across a winding pool. The pool has water propellers underneath to make sure the boats sail to the end. The girls enjoyed running after their boats and seeing them race through to the finish line. And us mommies enjoyed setting off the obstacles!

4. How to Fly Your Dragon (Movie: How to Train Your Dragon): In Berk, you’re only as fast as the dragon you ride. Join Hiccup on his quest to find dragons of all shapes and sizes.

Just like you can build your own boat, you can also build your own dragon and watch it “fly” down the center area of DreamPlay.

You assemble the dragon at the bottom level, then climb up the stairs to set it “free”.
The Princess requesting for parts of the dragon she’s assembling. There are some variations on the parts you can put together, so you can choose the dragon’s head, wings, tail, etc.
Hello, dragon!
You’ll have to climb a bit higher after making your dragon, as it’s meant for you to set it  free so it can “fly” down.

The Princess going up the stairs with her dragon.
Bracing her wooden dragon on the cables at the top, readying it for flight.
Woooweee! Fly, dragon, fly!
It’s a bit difficult to see your dragon whirl down the cables. And well, after you release it, that’s basically it for this attraction.

5. Fast as Lightning Kung Fu Fighting: Join in the Kung Fu Panda Dojo and become a Kung Fu master alongside Po and The Furious Five!

This attraction lets you practice Po’s Kung Fu moves by following his and Tigress’ routines on the big screen. Think Dance Beat/ Dance Central of Timezone. The entire room is one big motion-controlled dance arcade which can accommodate/score 6 Kung Fu students at a time.

Time to practice those Kung Fu/Dance moves!
The Princess had to watch some kids have their turn first before she agreed to give it a try.  The attendant directs you to the correct spot in the room for the motion sensors, and you basically just follow the steps on the screen.

 You can see the scores on the side of the screen.
I’ve always wanted to try this attraction but I didn’t want to do it by myself (haha si Mommy, nahiya pa, kailangan ng kadamay!). So I’m happy the Princess agreed to try it with me this time. This was one of the attractions we really both enjoyed!

6. The Spheroos Racetrack

The kids get to pilot and navigate their assigned ball across a racetrack/obstacle course using a tablet.

The Spheroos racetrack. The navigation of your assigned ball can be a bit tricky.
Go, purple ball, go!

It’s a bit challenging to navigate, but once you get the hang of it it’s fun to see your ball glow and race through the challenges in the racetrack. There were a few consoles which were out of order though, so there was a bit of a wait.

7. DreamStudio: You’re in the director’s chair as your favorite DreamWorks characters help you make your own animated film!

DreamStudio. Be an animator!
It’s a big room filled with seats in front of the animation monitors and headphones where the kids can get to edit the characters’ animation. It’s basically a drag-and-drop, so it’s easier for the kids to direct the movements of the characters.

The attendant teaching the Princess how to work the console.
You can opt to choose your movie before you do the animation. The Princess wanted to do the Trolls first.

Nice movie clip, little girl! Love the dance moves of your trolls!
The access in on a time setting so the monitor is disabled when your time is up.  The girls had a lot of fun here making and showing the mums their own animated clips.

8. Shrek’s Swamp Stomp (Movie: Shrek): Shrek is home to greet you, but he can’t seem to find his keys and needs your help to look for them.

This one is a life-sized (which means bigger than usual!) cottage where Shrek lives. It takes quite a trek and you’ll have to go through things like tunnels, hanging bridges, and secret doors to get there.

View of Shrek’s Swamp Shack from a room above
You’ll need to trek up a bit to get to the Swamp Shack.
Shrek’s dining table
Shrek’s giant armchair
Once you’re in the shack, you’ll hear Shrek over the loudspeaker looking for his keys. The Princess got a bit nervous here though since she was scared that a Shrek something would jump out from behind furniture or something, so we didn’t stay here long.

9. DreamTheatre: You’ll be part of the story in a unique 4-D experience that allows you to FEEL the excitement!

The Dream Theater
The theater has different short films playing at different times. The typical 2D films are generally OK, but be sure you catch the 4D show for a greater and more exciting experience.

Shows and Showing Times when we went
The last time we were there, the 4D show was that of Po’s rickshaw chase with Wolf Boss from Kung Fu Panda 2. It was a great ride and the Princess enjoyed it very much.

Oh, and don’t miss talking to the magic mirror near the theater entrance! It’s not interactive and is pre-recorded, but it’s still a nice thing to check out.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall
10. DreamTales Library: Storytelling comes to life as some of your favorite DreamWorks characters take the stage in a puppet show of their own!

Library setting for the theater. The puppet show is staged up above the fireplace.
The Princess reading a book before the show started to pass the time.
Beanbag seating is limited, so be sure to get there early before the next show starts so you can get comfortable. The beanbags make for comfortable seating especially since you’ll have to look up to watch the puppet show.  Also, there are books available (it is a library, after all), so you can get in a good read while waiting.

11. Digital Coloring at the Function Rooms

I’m not entirely sure what these rooms are called, but I’m guessing these are the rooms at the top which are used for birthday parties, functions and such. There were no functions while we were there so we were able to explore.

We thought this was a meeting room when we first entered, since there was no one there.
Then we realized you could do digital coloring on the touch-screen table. Yey!
The girls (and the moms) had a good time choosing our Shrek page to color.
The Princess was able to bring her energy down a notch and sort of relax a bit from the “active” attractions. She even asked to come back to color at another point in the afternoon.

12. Chez Gingy: Enjoy comfort food and family favorites from our la carte menu.

We got hungry sometime mid-afternoon so we decided to have snacks at Chez Gingy, a food plaza near Gingy’s Kitchen.



There are several choices in terms of variety, but mostly just snack items for the kids and kids-at-heart. We’ve tried the nachos, chicken strips, shakes and sandwiches. The food’s ok but the items are pricey, but it’s good to know there’s a place to buy food in inside the park, and to take a breather in if you need to recharge.

So there! Here are some photos of the other attractions the Princess didn’t feel quite up for this time around:

Wall of Destiny
A brave kid gearing up at the Wall
Long and winding TALL slides
One of the slide exits
Oh, this slide pala the Princess did! 🙂
There’s also a gift shop at the exit, after you surrender your wristbands. There are several Dreamworks-inspired character items like toys and other themed merchandize, but expect prices to be on the high side.

We were able to explore DreamPlay at our leisure this time around, but I’d suggest to allot about 4-5 hours to fully take advantage of the features here, and to include “rest and recharge” and waiting times for shows and the cooking class.  Also, although smaller kids can also find fun stuff to do here, most of the attractions are meant for the bigger and more active kids to enjoy, as I’m guessing kids below 6yo might find most attractions too daunting.  

All things considered, the Princess and I had a great time at DreamPlay.  It’s a good place where both parents and kids can share precious experiences together.



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