Going Italian at Parmigiano, Molito Complex, Alabang

Molito Commercial Complex (New Wing)
Alabang, Muntinlupa City

My, my…two months since my last post! I’ve several things I’ve been meaning to blog about, but let’s start of Mommysom’s second blogging year with a cheesy post. Literally,  cheesy.. as in several pounds of cheese!

The rain made for a smaller-than-usual crowd in Molito that night
We’re at Molito quite frequently, and we always see Parmigiano with a full house. One rainy evening on an impromptu date night, the Hubby and I were looking to try something new. Parmigiano, with it’s visible warm and bright interiors, looked inviting while we were walking in the gloomy weather, so we took a chance that we would have a table. And as the Pasta Fates would have it, we were seated at a cozy table right away.

Seating is comfortable, but the way the tables are arranged close to each other makes it feel a wee bit crowded, even with it’s really not.

Lovin’ this street lamp wall. I never noticed it from outside, but it’s what makes the place seem so bright and welcoming.

No, I didn’t count. But when we bring the kids here I’m sure they will. 🙂

More seating upstairs.
Since it was our first time, we asked for recommendations from our friendly server. He was very helpful, and was very pleasant too. Kudos for service like this; it always makes the meal more satisfying.

Complimentary bread starter that’s a standard mark of Italian restaurants
You can find their menu here.  Anyway, as we were set on sharing a pizza and pasta, we went with the Tre Salciccia (meat lovers pizza) and the Pasta del Parmigiano (we had to try the namesake, right?).  After ordering, we had a chance to look around while waiting for our dinner and enjoying the complimentary starters.

The hubby and I were happy to be seated on the ground floor, where we could see the action. See the chefs in green preparing the pizza orders in the brick oven.

Oh whenever I see my pizza being prepared this way, I know good things are coming!
Before they brought our pizza out though, we were in for a surprise. Our friendly waiter (sorry, I forgot his name!) asked us if we wanted to watch the pasta being prepared. We said sure, so he led us to this guy who was next to what I thought was this humongous prop of cheese.

And because he started with a Bacardi bottle I was even more curious.

Kuya started explaining to us while he poured a shot of Bacardi onto that gigantic cheese wheel. 

And then lights it up! This melts the cheese on top so the flavor will be captured by the pasta.
Totoong cheese pala! I thought it wasn’t real cheese and was just a prop.  I found out that this cheese wheel was called the Parmigiano Reggiano Wheel, which usually estimates at a whopping 38kg.

Kuya proceeds to pour our cooked pasta onto the wheel, onto that surface of softer cheese.

He then proceeds to scrape off cheese, and asks us if we would want more. I like that I’m able to customize the cheesiness of our pasta, but I was careful also to not make the taste overpowering.

Kuya made sure that the pasta was mixed well with the scraped-off cheese

He’s almost done

And then he transfers it to a plate. He also told us by this time that we may return to our table and wait for the pasta to be served.

And… voila! Yummy, creamy, cheesy pasta!

Our pizza came and was yummy too! The pizza dough was baked very nicely, with just the right type of chewy.

I usually leave room for dessert, but I was so full from the carb overloading that nothing seemed particularly appealing that evening. So the hubby and I just ordered coffee.
Overall, it was a very relaxed and enjoyable meal. I enjoyed the pasta more than the pizza, while the hubby enjoyed the pizza over the pasta. We both had lots of both though, so it’s a win in my book. We’ll surely bring the kids here so they can watch that big blob of cheese light up!


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