7 Prayers for The Princess as She Turns 7

My baby girl is turning 7 years old. Before we turn the page on another chapter of your life, Princess, there are some specific things about this time that I want to remember, things I want YOU to remember as well.

Prayer #1
You would always enjoy 2-on-1 time which your Papa and I spend with you, but you would also always look for your brother, and then say that you wish that your brother was with us too. You are selfless and sensitive, especially when it comes to the family being together. I pray for your health and protection, so you may always look out for your brother, and think of him and how he’s doing, and want him to be close to you and to the family.

The Princess when she was born in Asian Hospital in 2010. My birthing story here.

Prayer #2
One week before your birthday, while we were excitedly talking about your upcoming party, you asked me timidly: “Mama, do we have enough money for my birthday?” I was surprised at your question.  I looked into your worried eyes, smiled, and answered, “Yes, anak, don’t worry, we have enough money.” Princess, there are things that you really liked, but never pushed for if you thought that Mama and Papa couldn’t afford it, if we would have a difficult time getting it, or if we simply just said no. I pray you always be kind and sensitive to your loved ones, and that you always listen to and trust your father and me. We will always only want the best for you.

The Princess’ first studio photoshoot in 2011. She was about four months old.

Prayer #3
Even if you had your own bed (but in our room), you would still often ask me or your Papa to stay beside you, at least until you fall asleep. You know, I used to think you should get used to sleeping on your own already… but I realized I should treasure these moments.  I pray you will always want to be close to me, and that you will see me as a best friend as well as a mom as you grow up.

Taken on a trip to Tagaytay in 2012. The Princess loved the cold air. The Ball has a similar photo in my post here.

Prayer #4
Every time you leave for school, I would wave to you until you drove out of sight. Sometimes, you would smile and wave back. But always, you would look back at me as you take that turn away from our house. I pray you always look back to where you come from, even when the time comes for you to go off on your own. And remember, we’ll always be here waiting for you when you come home.

The Princess at her first photoshoot for a magazine article in 2013. The article was about prayer.

Prayer #5
You were always so appreciative of gifts and of what other people do for you. For example, there was this time I had pasta waiting for you after school and you squealed with delight and said, “Mama, you remembered I wanted pasta! Thank you, thank you!”. Another time naman, you were sad and cried a little because I washed all your sleeping toys. I said they were dirty already and needed washing, so you went to sleep without them. When I brought them to you two days later, all washed and clean and smelling fresh, you exclaimed, “Wow, this is Chichi’s real color pala, Mama!” I laughed and you immediately said, “Mama, I’m sorry I didn’t trust you before when you washed them. Thank you, Mama, you’re the best!” I pray you stay your sweet, lovable, and absolutely endearing self.

At an Easter get-together in 2014. The Princess loved blowing and chasing bubbles in the garden with the kids.

Prayer #6
You were always struggling with your Filipino subjects in school. We would play games and be creative in trying to learn the Filipino words and lessons, but it frustrated you, sometimes to the point of tears. But all throughout, you would listen to me when I said we had to study. You would do the activities and worksheets with me. You would try again and again even if you made mistakes, even if you said your classmates had high grades in Filipino and you didn’t, even when you thought it was tiring or boring or frustrating. You kept on trying, anak. I pray you never stop trying to reach your goals and move forward, that you continue to be strong, determined, and positive, no matter what challenge or heartache comes your way.

The Princess in her solo performance on Moving Up Day from Preschool in 2015. She was only 5 years old. I was so proud of her, getting up to sing in front of all those people!

Prayer #7
You always looked forward to Sunday mass, because you always looked forward to sitting with and singing with the choir. You behaved and did your best to sit still, especially during the liturgy readings.  Because there were things you didn’t understand, you had lots of questions about the readings and the sermon, and I had to constantly remind you that we would talk about your questions after the mass. I pray that you will always want to learn. I also pray that as you go through your life, you continue to build your faith in God and continue to want to serve Him through the ministries in the Church.

IMG_5281 (1)
Trying out modeling in Kidzania. She says she wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. She’s 6 years old here.

And so, my darling: seven things and seven prayers for my soon-to-be 7-year old. There are so many other things I want to say, but I’ll stick to saying the most important: I love you so very much that my heart feels like it’s bursting as I write this. Thank you for filling our lives with joy and learning and love. Know that your Papa and I are so proud of you and who you are.  We are and will always be here for you, Princess, all the way.

We love you so very much, sweetheart. Have a happy and blessed 7th Birthday!

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