7th Birthday Series: The Theme and Invitations (MondZaid Graphics)

Themed parties are so much fun to put together! For the Princess: Unicorns and Rainbows it is!

The Theme: Unicorns and Rainbows

The Princess is now absolutely into a My Little Pony phase, but I was a little skeptical on going for a “character theme” for a 7th birthday.  And truthfully, I loved the color palette of  The Princess’ 6th Birthday Party, so I really wanted something similar. I was so happy that the Princess and I agreed on the perfect theme to match what we both wanted: Unicorns and Rainbows!  We went for pastel instead of bright colors. I think this theme truly captured her personality: light and bright, cheerful, and absolutely magical!

Sums up my Princess perfectly!

Invitations and Gift Tags : MondZaid Graphics

MondZaid Graphics
Email: mondzaidgraphics@gmail.com

I knew I needed to give printed invites to the Princess’ classmates for them to give to their moms. Also, Amistosa Clubhouse is located in a private residential village, and one of the requirements was that I submit a guest list before the party.  I needed to request for an RSVP mostly for security reasons. (Sidebar: I’m glad that a lot really did RSVP!)

I discovered Shy of MondZaid Graphics through my sister-in-law, who ordered my niece’s party invitations from her. Shy is Dumagete-based, so there is a minimal shipping fee involved. But looking at the samples online and then discovering how affordable her pricing is changed my mind about doing a DIY invitation a couple of months before her birthday. We corresponded through viber, I sent her my pegs, and she sent me her sample designs right away! A fast worker, this one. After I finalized my orders and paid through bank deposit, I was able to get the invites and souvenir tags in less than a week’s time.

IMG_6201 (1)
The Princess’ invitation. I love how she took my design and color pegs and came up with this design and layout!

I had already decided against loot bags and had already ordered the party souvenirs, so I had her design these gift cards.

IMG_6203 (1)
Gift cards for the party souvenirs


Finished printed flat card and envelope with seal

I’m glad I had the invitations designed and printed professionally. They set the mood and feel of the party, and I’m really happy with how they turned out. Also, I’m sure I saved myself several hours which I was able to devote to other party preps!

Next up is 7th Birthday Series: The Venue (Amistosa Clubhouse)


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