7th Birthday Series: The Venue (Amistosa Clubhouse in Alabang)

Amistosa Clubhouse
Tierra Nueva Village, Alabang
Landline Numbers: (02) 807-9838; (02) 775-3017
Mobile: 09396268958 Viber: 09378743372

Really, one of biggest challenges of party planning is finalizing the venue. It’s difficult to book other suppliers like the host, entertainment, and décor/stylist if you don’t have a venue finalized, since their rates and their availability to do your event depend on where it’ll be.

For family birthday gatherings, we usually look for venues midway between the north and south of Manila. This time around though, we knew we needed to stick to venues in the South to make it convenient for her classmates and friends to attend.

The front view of Amistosa Clubhouse from the street. From their website, it is described as having a “modern castilian” design. 

I wanted to call the shots on the party time and the type of theme and setup, so I knew restaurants were out as options. Also, how difficult it is to find restaurants which can seat more than a hundred, right?  So I knew a clubhouse or event space was the best choice for what I wanted.  But popular clubhouses and event spaces always get booked months (or even a year or more!) in advance, plus, there is a serious shortage of accessible party option venues in the south!  So, I’m really happy that the Amistosa Clubhouse in Tierra Nueva Village opened up fairly recently (I’m guessing in 2014).


Amistosa checked out on most of the criteria on my list, like:

(1)  Easily accessible location. Since Tierra Nueva Village is right off the main Alabang-Zapote Road, it’s relatively easy to find and travel to, unlike most of the other clubhouses in the south which need you to further venture off the main roads. Also, the village exuded a homey, private and peaceful atmosphere which I really liked.

(2) Ample parking and clean restrooms.  There were about four allotted parking slots right in front of the venue, but cars could park all the way along the street, so parking wouldn’t be a problem for the guests. A parking/security attendant was also stationed there during our event to guide our guests. Restrooms were  neat and well-stocked with the essentials.

Restrooms are located right outside the main hall, and are easily accessible by ramp or stairway.

(3) A stage for the program. There was a stage for rent that measured 8×12 feet. I asked them to set it up in the middle of the hall so the show and games would be easily viewed by all the guests.

We took a photo of the stage (which was already being disassembled) during our ocular. We didn’t have it set up at the end of the hall. Rather, we requested for it to be set up in the middle.
Inside the hall

(4) Glass walls. I’m very partial to venues with glass walls because of the natural light. This meant though that the A/C needed to be functioning properly, and I’m happy that Amistosa’s A/C was satisfactory.

Lovin’ the glass walls surrounding the entire hall.
The sliding doors make great space savers too.
Veranda area at the front where the food carts and gift table were set up.
Front veranda from the opposite side
The back veranda has blinds that can help shield from the sun’s heat for noontime events.
Since the venue is relatively new, A/C’s are functioning well.

(5) Spacious surroundings. Another thing that I liked was that there was a wide open space at the back of the clubhouse, which could even be an extension of the party if you wanted outdoor activities. There was also a playground at the back, where my son also played at until he decided to stay indoors in the play area instead.

Facade of the the event venue from the concrete path which led to the playground.
I like that the back has this park-like space. We even used this as a pictorial backdrop during the party.
Just wants to make you run around and play, right? This would be perfect for a picnic-themed party, or a bouncy castle. Bring on ’em bubbles and balloons!
The Princess sampling the playground

(6) Affordable rates.  Amistosa’s rental rates are very competitive given all the pluses of the venue. The security deposit was also very minimal, and was ready for claiming a week after our event.

(7) Easy-to-deal-with terms and contact person. I was able to dictate my party time slot, which was an important plus for me. There were some minimal décor restrictions and additional fees for the food carts, but all within reason. Another requirement was that a guest list be submitted (family names are ok) for security reasons at the guardhouse. This even worked in our favor since I had a reason to tell everyone why I needed everyone to RSVP.

Rosie at the admin office was very professional and easy to deal with, at least as per our experience. Since our party was late in the afternoon, she even assured us that they weren’t going to book any other event anymore since we might lose time for adequate setup before the party.  She promptly replied to my emails, and that one time when she didn’t reply after a day and I called her, she immediately apologized and said she read my email already but was unable to reply since she wasn’t in the office, but that my concern was settled already. Rosie was also there on the day itself to assist and check if the setup crew was able to access and setup at the agreed-on time.

One thing though that got me worried when the party was nearing, was whether or not it would be sufficient for my space requirements.  I originally estimated about 120 guests, but then after finalizing my guest list and then getting some RSVP’s, I realized my headcount came to about 120 adults and then some 30+ kids pala! That would have been the maximum capacity of the venue right there.  Eh kaso, I also had the stage rental, a toddler’s play and activity area, three food booths, the dessert buffet spread.. and of course there would be the adults buffet, kids buffet, and the drinks station. Homaygash.

Hubby and I did an ocular a few weeks before the party and strategized the layout. Let me share our layout here in case a few of your are considering this venue:

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 12.56.41 PM
Venue floor plan I gave to the one who did the venue decor, the play area, the food cart supplier, the ones who set up the dessert buffet and prizes table (thanks family!), and of course the caterer. Yes, I’m OC that way.

Come party day, I admit there was no room to run around given our number of guests, but the upside for me was that the venue looked cozier and the guests looked more “together” that way. I guess it would have been better had there been more space for games, and for the photographer and videographers to more more freely, but all-in-all I’m happy with how the layout was designed.

The kids and adults all enjoyed watching Tito Alex!

Oh, and we were also provided with a small air-conditioned prep room (with CR) next to the hall. We were able to leave some of our stuff there. That’s also where we dressed up for the party after we set up. Big plus, right?

Next up is 7th Birthday Series: Cake and Dessert Buffet (Baked Twinkles).

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