7th Birthday Series: Cake and Dessert Buffet Goodies (Baked Twinkles)

Baked Twinkles (by Nikko Saulo)
Mobile: 0916.659.0088
Email: bakedtwinkles@gmail.com

I love desserts, and it was already a given that I would prepare a dessert buffet for the Princess’ birthday. However, what I wasn’t counting on was that would need to DIY the styling. But that being said, I think it turned out pretty well!I usually have a go-to dessert buffet supplier, but she decided to lie low this year because of the demands of her day job. So, a few months before the Princess’ birthday, I started searching online for suppliers from the south, and that’s how I discovered Baked Twinkles.

We corresponded through SMS and email, and I sent her my pegs as well as the final invite, and she sent me her proposals. I got a little anxious when Nikko said she didn’t do buffet setups anymore, but then I thought, “Sige na nga, I can prepare everything before the party. And besides, my mom can set it up if I do the mock-up at home..” So, game na!

I got the following treats from Nikko:

  • 6″ red velvet cake with fondant pastel rainbow ruffles, unicorn printout on board paper
  • 8 dozen mini cupcakes (funfetti and chocolate) with colored frosting
  • 4 dozen rainbow cookies
  • 60 chocolate cake pops covered in colored chocolate with assorted sprinkles
The Princess specifically requested for a rainbow-iced cake with a unicorn topper.

The cake base was good. I got the red velvet flavor, but it was really moist and chocolate-y when we got to try it at home.  The frosting was fondant, which I honestly don’t really care for kasi nga it’s too sweet. I originally wanted marshmallow or cream cheese frosting, but Nikko discouraged it because the weather might make the icing melt. She was right, of course.  Here’re some photos of when we sliced the cake at home:


I ordered two kinds of mini cupcakes: chocolate and Nikko’s funfetti flavor. Both were moist and yummy!



Here are the rainbow-swirled cookies:

Rainbow cookies

Pero naku, the crowd favorite was definitely the cakepops! All the kids (and most of the adults!) wanted to sample na agad-agad. I wasn’t able to taste this, but they sure looked awesome! Some family members who were able to try them said masarap nga daw.


Nikko was very accommodating, but one thing to note when booking her for your dessert treats is that she doesn’t deliver. You’ll have to pick up your orders in her house in BF Homes in Parañaque. This wasn’t a problem for me since I’m from the south plus Amistosa Clubhouse is relatively near BF Homes.

So while I was mulling over how to style the goodies I ordered from Nikko, as luck would have it, one day at the mall we saw a store with cute window display décor in our pastel rainbows and unicorn theme. Sakto! Syempre di ko na pinalagpas ang pagkakataon. I went inside and after discussing with the in-store ladies, I offered to buy the window décor when they changed it, and so, viola! Instant themed standees! These were the items I got from them:

  • 1 big and 2 small pastel-themed unicorn standees
  • big felt paper flowers
  • 3 (cone) unicorn horns
The Princess loved these unicorns
The felt paper flowers were used to decorate the table covers
Rainbow unicorns all around

Other things I used to complete the dessert table were:

  • 1 white cake stand
  • 2 square styrofoam boards covered with pastel paper and gold ribbon (to be used as cakepop display stands)
  • 4-5 gold trays (to hold the cookies)
  • 2 recycled powdered milk boxes covered in pastel paper and gold ribbon (for height)
  • 2 3-tier cupcake stands with gold ribbon
  • two framed photos of the Princess, with customized prints from my sis-in-law
  • pale yellow paper napkins and pink candy cups for guests to use when getting the desserts

I also asked Mr. Balloonatix to make the backdrop of the dessert buffet. The happy birthday banner was recycled from the Princess’ Stacy’s party last year, I just changed her birthday number. So anyway, I sent Jojo some pegs of the backdrops I liked, and he came up with this, which really matched my props:


It’s the first time I took on styling of a full dessert table by myself, and I’m really happy with how all the elements came together. I’m also thankful I got help from family in doing the setup on the day itself so I could get dressed and get the Princess dressed as well!

IMG_7147 (1)
Tables and table covers were provided by Queensland Catering. I just needed to coordinate on table size and where to set up.

I really would have wanted just a plain white table cover for the colors of the displays to pop out more, but when I checked they had already set up. No worries, these are little things I know I should just let go (wink).

Some smaller DIY dessert decorating projects I did can be found here and here.

The Princess blowing her candle. Happy, happy!

Next up: 7th Birthday Series: The Caterer (Queensland Catering).

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